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Comprehension section in Defense Entrance exams offers redemption if you are up for it. Prepare for each section, from grammar to comprehensions, and learn how you can improve your score by maximum efforts.

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Sentence Completion

Have you tried every question for AFCAT Exams? Think again. We have introduced self-assessing mock tests, sample papers, question papers and practice sets with thousands of Sentence Completion questions being updated daily to bring the best for your preparation.

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Error Detection

Prepare yourself with the most interactive online sample papers to prepare for the section Error Detection that comes under AFCAT exams. Just click and attempt those questions which you are expecting. We have some attempts for free.

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English Grammar

Try these selective questions based on English Grammar and improve your knowledge. By this way, it will become easier to crack AFCAT entrance Exams by scoring good marks. Register now!

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Antonym and Synonym

Your search is over! This mock test series is based exclusively on Antonym and Synonym. Find the best-fit word or phrase that can be used to find the exact same or opposite word mentioned in the options of this online test series.

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