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Online Test | Class 12

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Biology is a scoring section among all science sections. You need to understand the things clearly to get good marks in this subject. We have created section wise mock tests so that you can prepare hassle free and score good marks.

7453 Attempts  |  250 Tested


Physics is an important exam. Students need to practice hard to get good marks in this subject. We have section wise mock tests for the students. Try them now and evaluate your performance for board exams.

7103 Attempts  |  411 Tested


Chemistry is one of the most major subjects of Science. Students need to work harder for this subject. We have developed some amazing and useful mock tests for the students of class 12th. Try them now.

6105 Attempts  |  298 Tested


Mathematics is formula based subject. You can score full marks if you practice with our new mock tests series for this subject. Give multiple attempts and score good marks in your actual board exams.

3015 Attempts  |  302 Tested


Play with the calculations and boost your accuracy with our latest online practice papers of Accountancy examinations of CBSE Boards. Be patient while practicing because all you need is to keep focus.

2612 Attempts  |  174 Tested


Economics section is a compelling and hard to clear examinations of CBSE boards. We have mock tests in an interesting pattern designed exclusively for the students of future generation. Try now!

2367 Attempts  |  134 Tested


Isn't it interesting to practice online with several attempts and improve your proficiency in English to clear CBSE board examinations? Here, We provide you an updated mock test for your continuous practicing.

1842 Attempts  |  233 Tested

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