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Online Test | Class 10

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Try our latest mock tests series of Science to crack this tricky subject with ease. We have covered whole syllabus of science subject of class 10th in our mock tests. Give multiple attempts to score good marks in actual board exam.

9652 Attempts  |  497 Tested


Mathematics is a scoring subject if you practice well. We have designed some mock tests of this subject in an easy way. Give multiple attempts and score well in actual board exam of class 10.

4003 Attempts  |  446 Tested


We offer latest trend of learning for class 10th students. We have mock tests for the entire major subject including Social science. Make this subject more interesting with our mock test series and prepare well.

2798 Attempts  |  176 Tested

English Communicative

We have prepared special mock test for 10th class of board to give them hassle free solution for the exam preparations. Try our new English communicative section also.

1493 Attempts  |  111 Tested

English Language and Literature

Try our latest and exclusive mock tests, especially designed for the students of X class. This section is dedicated to English language and literature. Give mock test multiple times and clear this section in actual exam easily.

1017 Attempts  |  99 Tested

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