How badly will it affect someone’s TOEFL score, if they stutter/stammer?

TOEFL speaking score.

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3 Answers
  • The most important thing in Toefl is consideration and the amount of words you choose for conversation, stutter/stammer is common it does effect psychologically the listener and it will effect the score due to lack of pausing every time you speak but if you choose the right path of conversation it will provide a great amount of score due to your great amount of words knowledge/

  • Stuttering is common amongst non native English speakers.. The point that you should not stutter in every sentence. Your scores will drop heavily because of this. Also, too much of stuttering will eat up the time allotted to you.

  • It surely will affect one’s score if he doesn’t speak very clearly. However, I think stuttering will NOT be a problem if it is natural. A lot of time, it is taken into consideration. However if you stammer due to lack of coherence and flow it could cause some issues. This is because the marking scheme would not consider it natural but a deviation. 
    So what matters most is not HOW you talk, but WHAT you talk. 

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