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Laws of thermodynamics have rendered headache to almost every mechanical engineer. Take this online test of thermodynamics and find out how much mastery you have gained on thermodynamics till now. Get detailed analysis of your performance instantly.

217081 Attempts  |  6626 Tested

Introduction to Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics is the most fundamental part of Mechanical engineering. Have you learnt how to apply mechanics to solve problems? Check your command over Engineering Mechanics by taking this Online Practice test and get reports instantly.

65739 Attempts  |  3096 Tested

Stress and Strain in Materials

A mechanical engineer who doesn't know to calculate stress and strain in materials is worth nothing. Find out how efficient you are in calculation of stress and strain in materials . Take this online mock test and know it by yourself. Get your reports instantly.

65364 Attempts  |  2515 Tested

Automobile Engineering

Automobile Engineering is an extremely exciting subject that deals with studying the inner workings and mechanics of motor vehicles and how various components work together as a system. Challenge yourself through this mock test series and understand where you need to learn more.

50193 Attempts  |  1518 Tested

Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics

Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics is the study of liquids. A mechanical engineer must know about it to design and work on Steam engines, turbines or pumps. Attempt this online practice test and challenge your mastery over Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics.

34721 Attempts  |  1421 Tested

Internal Combustion Engines

Internal Combustion Engines are piston-powered petrol consuming power generators that are mostly employed in factories and power stations. Test your knowledge and understand in this trial mock test series and learn what you might even know about Internal Combustion Engines.

35422 Attempts  |  1122 Tested

Production Engineering and Management

Production Engineering and Management is a culmination of engineering and management of the resultant products and devising processes for their judicious and optimal usage. This section will assess your skill in answering such questions through online test papers.

27504 Attempts  |  802 Tested

Machine Design

Machine Design is termed as a dreaded subject by most engineering students. Well its time to get over that fear and solve some challenging questions from the topic. This topic gives a win-win scenario in major competitive examinations.

23168 Attempts  |  726 Tested

Fundamentals of Material Science

Fundamentals of Material Science is all about structural design and discovery of new elements in the nature. Learn more about this interesting line of work by testing out some sample questions.

23795 Attempts  |  657 Tested

Theory of machines

Theory of Machines is the different realm where you'll be asked some interesting questions related to various components of machines and what each component stands for. Assess what is your cumulative score in all test papers.

16499 Attempts  |  560 Tested

Heat Transfer and Refrigeration Technology

Heat Transfer and Refrigeration Technology has existed since long but only in the recent 19th century has it completely revolutionized with introduction of semiconductors and diodes. Do you wish to know more about it? Try these practice papers based on Heat Transfer and Refrigeration Technology from Mechanical Engineering and know where you stand.

15842 Attempts  |  491 Tested

Mechanical Workshops

Assess you knowledge of Mechanical Workshops and put that knowledge through an actual litmus test with this specially designed test series under the Mechanical Engineering Wing. Learn how to tackle some daunting questions from this section.

14765 Attempts  |  453 Tested

Industrial Production Management

Do you find Industrial Production Management interesting? If yes, learn how you can improve your test taking skills in this section of mechanical engineering test series and improve your chances of cracking many major competitive examinations.

6678 Attempts  |  248 Tested

Turbine Engineering

Rotar Mechanics and Power Generation through turbine engineering is extremely important subject in the world of mechanics. If interested, you too can learn a lot from this exclusive test series designed for Turbine Engineering.

4524 Attempts  |  192 Tested

Functions of Hydraulics Machinery

Hydraulic machines are tools that derive power from motion of fluids for its operation. No one can know about Functions of hydraulic machinery better than a mechanical engineer. Give this Online test to find out your grip over hydraulic machines.

3977 Attempts  |  183 Tested

Steam Engines and Power Generation

Steam Engines and Power Generation is easy to learn but hard to master. Let's find out how much you have learnt about them till now. Attempt this online practice test made exclusively on the topic of Steam Engines and Power Generation and check your score.

4976 Attempts  |  178 Tested

Gas Dynamics and Turbines

Test your knowledge of some core mechanical engineering subjects like Gas Dynamics, Combustion Devices and Turbines in this section of mock test series. These paper will search as a benchmark of your level of preparation.

4604 Attempts  |  172 Tested