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Practice Tests for Chemical Engineering
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Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics is the branch where physics and chemistry meet to discuss the force and energy based interactions between liquids, gases and plasma. Understanding these concepts needs some strong basic knowledge which can be built over a definitive course of time.

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Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering

We start with the Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering, which is the basic chemical processes for transfer of heat and energy to combustible fuels to ceramic engineering and other related subjects. Buckle up and get ready to answer some challenging questions.

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Heat and Thermal Energy

Heat and Thermal Energy constitute the most basic type of questions in engineering and other competitive examinations. Analyse your skill in Heat and Thermal Energy based questions asked in Chemical Engineering Practice Papers.

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Mass Transfer and Motion

Have a shot at this practice test on Mass Transfer and Motion and get an accurate anatomy of your performance in the test. If you score badly then no need to worry. Come back again prepared and attempt this mock test multiple times until you score the most.

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Petroleum Refining Processes

Petroleum Refining Processes for crude oil and other fuels is necessary to obtain the various components from the impure form. Understanding these chemical processes is really important if you wish to crack these test papers.

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The energy transition rate depends on the rate of conversion and mass transferred per unit time. Thermodynamics depends on a lot of other factors too. Study about them and answer questions based on them in this mock test series for chemical engineering.

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Fluid and Mechanical Operations

Memorize the concepts you learnt about Fluid and Mechanical Operations in your chemistry classes and attempt these practice papers on Chemical Engineering. You can attempt this test multiple times and improve your score.

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Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Process Control

Practice some selected questions on Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Process Control. Each mock test will have objective question and the difficulty level will keep on varying. In this way, you can truly measure your potential and know how much hardwork and labour will go into scoring better.

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Industrial Chemical Processes

Try this set of 10 objective questions based on Industrial Chemical Processes and see where your level of preparation stands. It is advisable to attempt more than one practice test to know more about areas which need real work upon. Just begin and you'll how to go forward with it.

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Food and Fertilizer Technology

Develop a proper test taking schedule and try each one from the mock paper series to know how much you need to improve in order to score better and get selected. This attitude helps in both placement as well as competitive examination purposes. This section is dedicated to Food and Fertilizer Technology.

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Reactor Engineering

A Chemical Reactor is setup for a number of reasons. Here, you'll get to know about various demographics and application processes that goes into the development of Reactors and also what Reactor Engineering means.

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Balancing Chemical Equations

It is extremely important to balance every chemical equation as the entire success and productivity rate of a chemical reaction depends on it. Learn various techniques for solving such questions as they occur mostly in every competition examination.

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Combustible Fuels

Good knowledge of Combustible Fuels like Petroleum and Natural Gas is required to take on the questions from this section of Chemical Engineering Practice Papers. Liquid Fuel is what we are talking about here - the application, procedure and types.

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Plant Process Equipment

Prepare online for competitive examinations by going through each section of the core subjects asked in the test. This section is dedicated towards training candidates in the subject of Plant Process Equipment and point out the loopholes in their preparation. This helps in moving higher in the competition circle and score higher in actual examination.

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Construction and Building Materials

Are you famiiiar with all the construction and development materials used in Construction and Building Materials? This section deals with the combining capacities of these ingredients and much more for the chemical engineering practice papers.

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Plant Economics

A lot goes into the construction and establishment of a chemical plant when we talk in economic terms. Feasibility, Yearly Turn Over and Development Cost all need to considered as a prime factor. Learn more about it in this mock test series in Chemical Engineering for Plant Economics.

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Nuclear Fusion and Fission

Nuclear Reactions involve combining or dissemination of nucleus which results in release or captivation of energy. Most Nuclear Reactors have this function. These reactions are termed as Nuclear Fission and Fusion and here you can get quizzed about them.

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Polymer Engineering

Polymer Engineering is generally the study of microscopic design elements and modifications made in them for better resistance and efficiency rates. This branch of engineering is highly used in petrochemical engineering so learn it by heart and try a few mock tests.

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Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering is a highly neglected topic in reality. This section deals with how we can process various elements and compounds in nature using biodegradable processes, something that should be taught more often and in a better format.

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Furnace Technology and Application

Learn how you can attempt maximum test papers to improve your overall understanding of Furnace Technology and Application. It is extremely important that you revisit the concepts as most of the questions asked in the these sample papers are based completely on concepts.

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Ceramic Engineering

Ceramic engineering is the science and technology of creating objects from inorganic, non-metallic materials. This is done either by the action of heat, or at lower temperatures using precipitation reactions from high-purity chemical solutions.

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