what are the topics covered in quantitative aptitude in L&T company

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Quantitative Ability section consists of math's questions from the topics like algebra, time & work, time, speed & distance, arithmetic, percentages, profit & loss, geometry, etc.

After learning about these topics you can test yourself at Youth4Work. Youth4Work is the best place to test yourself for any topic starting from computer science to medicine. 

Let me give you sources to test yourself;

- Aptitude test by Youth4Work - https://www.youth4work.com/onlinetalenttest/Aptitude-test

- Profit and Loss - https://www.prep.youth4work.com/Practice-Tests/CoCubes-_Test_-Test/Quantitative-Aptitude--Practice/Profit-and-Loss

- Time and Work - https://www.prep.youth4work.com/Practice-Tests/Aptitude-Test/Time-and-Work-Test

- Time Speed and Distance - https://www.prep.youth4work.com/Practice-Tests/Aptitude-Test/Time__comma__--Speed-and-Distance-Test

You can check the Quantitative Aptitude forum for further information https://www.youth4work.com/Talent/Quantitative-Aptitude/Forum

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