How good is SAP Lab as a career for an IT freshers.
Is it a good choice to enter this company as an fresher.
  • Shubham Swarup
  • Shubham
  • 11 May
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3 Answers
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3 Answers
  • SAP Lab is good for freshers as well as highly experienced persons.

  • SAP is one of largest software vendors in the world so it's a very financially stable company
    SAP Labs India provides 50% of customer development for SAP so if you like development that is a good fit
    As a Global Services and Support organization, Labs India has the largest production team outside Germany providing assembly, validation and test services, and is credited as being the largest testing center within SAP.
    ABAP is written in SAP's proprietary language so focusing on that doesn't help if you want to go to a non-SAP related software company
    It seems like there are mixed reviews on the culture at SAP Labs India so that is a potential red flag
    You could deal with some bureaucracy which is normal for any large company.
    Opportunities here are Huge!. From IOT to UI to UX and there always is ABAP. But then as a fresher you have a plethora of options to choose from. You don't come with a baggage.
    Salaries are still higher than the Service companies, and I will assure you of that. There is free food, free transport and a lot of other perks.
    Ranked 5th Best place to work in India and Ranked #1 Workplace in India with respect to helping Women Employees continue.
    Ranked #10 Best Workplace in the whole of Asia.
    great learning curve , u get to work on the latest technology in the sap world  great culture and working environment ,free lunch and a good car lease policy.

  • As a fresher, it is not a very good place for IT  guys. but if you have a good grasping power than it is one of the best place to learn and exceute their theoritical knowledge to practial use.

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