My brother has 70% in 10th and 12th but he scored only 57% in graduation. Will Accenture accept his job application?
Plz suggest other companies also.
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  • 08 Nov
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4 Answers
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4 Answers
  • no

  • in my college Accenture is coming and only 60% throughout graduation not 12th and 10th 60% required

    Dear friend as your brother have 57% in Graduation, so strictly speaking you can not apply for all MNC's including Accenture. Because criteria for MNC's are that
    ·         Throughout 60% 
    ·         Not more than 2 year of education Gape 
    ·         No back log when you appear for interview
    But you can try in wipro. They also ask for 60% in graduation and 55% in 10th and 12th so you can apply in wipro .Wipro is also a MNC but it doesn't ask for throughout 60% so it may be better option for you to go with as compare to go for some small companies. 

    Also you can apply in some of the small companies that ask for 55% through out. As there are so many small companies that ask for less than 60% throughout the career. So you can apply there easily and can get a job near your city or somewhere else like in cities Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune etc. 

  • ok rishikesh

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