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Documentation Assistant

Every Logistics and Transportation Firm needs to have a team of highly professional and skilled Documentation Assistants and Executives. There main job role revolves around creating data invoices and receipts of all the transaction so all the books are legitimate. They also have to assist the Documentation Executives in gathering data and information and compare it with existing legal documentations.

107750 Attempts  |  3056 Tested

Consignment Booking Assistant

Consignment Booking Assistant PMKVY is the lead operator who books and confirms consignment from a customer, take down every ounce of detail and ensure the proper legitimacy of the product to be transported. Practice LSC NSDC Mock Test Series here.

81785 Attempts  |  2459 Tested

Inventory Clerk

The Logistics and Warehousing Sector generate a lot of orders on a daily basis that is required to be catalogues and arranged in a systematic manner. Also, the resource allocation process also needs to be carefully monitored. Inventory Clerk jumps in to save the day and analyses data to be assigned to each category. It is his/her job to maintain a proper ledger in both online and offline format listing all the orders, invoices and resource allocation.

36466 Attempts  |  1658 Tested

Consignment Tracking Executive

Understand the exam pattern and difficulty level of the questions that might be asked in NSDC Skill Test for Consignment Tracking Executive. These questions will serve as the preliminary mark of your preparation level. A Consignment Tracking Executive needs to keep a clear check and a second-by-second tracking eye on the consignments on the move of various customers.

47568 Attempts  |  1478 Tested

Warehouse Packer

Understand the exam pattern and difficulty level of the questions that might be asked in NSDC Skill Test for Warehouse Packer. The job role involves packaging of items and listing and storing them according to assigned places. The repackaging process is also done by Warehouse Packers. Cataloguing these items is also an essential task.

11979 Attempts  |  808 Tested

Warehouse Supervisor

Warehouse Supervisor is the overall incharge of all the operations that occur in the storage facilities. These individuals are highly trained in multiple disciplines and have a killer attention to detail. Some of the most common operations that come under their wing are ensuring the quality of products received, maintenance of all operational equipments and upholding the health and safety code of the warehouses.

10226 Attempts  |  664 Tested

Transport Coordinator

Transport Coordinators are responsible for monitoring all consignments in real time, identifying and rectifying problems and confirming that the customer has received the order. The Skill Councils will be providing all of their professional training services to the candidates who are shortlisted by the NSDC Skill Test. So do not miss out any of these practice papers based on Transport Coordinator.

4676 Attempts  |  533 Tested

Warehouse Quality Checker

The quality and condition of all the items are important in the Warehousing and Storage Sector. Anyone can claim if there are issues and defects in the package. Hence, the quality control falls under the supervision of Warehouse Quality Checker who needs to ensure the proper storage and transition of all the warehouse items and make a not of already defective ones for future reference and refund policy.

3794 Attempts  |  463 Tested

Warehouse Picker

Warehouse Pickers are assigned the arduous task of collecting items and listing them in the inventory list. A keen attention to detail and good visual skills are necessary. Apart from this, they also need to perform the tasks of loading and unloading cargo, labelling, re-packaging items and documenting cargo that has been moved. Prepare for the challenging NSDC Skill Test for Warehouse Picker and get to know about your areas of strength and weakness.

6186 Attempts  |  448 Tested

प्रलेखन सहायक

हर संचालन और ट्रैन्स्पर्टेशन फर्म को अत्यधिक पेशेवर और कुशल प्रलेखन सहायकों और अधिकारियों की टीम की आवश्यकता होती है। उनकी नौकरी का मुख्य काम डेटा इनवॉइस को बनाएं रखना और सभी लेनदेन की रसीदों को बनाएं रखाने का होता है।

16333 Attempts  |  399 Tested

Goods Packaging Machine Operator

Goods Packaging Machine Operator handles all the packaging services to be performed on the goods to be shipped with proper labels and addresses and other notations required. Good organisational skills are required for this. Prepare for the challenging NSDC Skill Test for Goods Packaging Machine Operator and get to know about your areas of strength and weakness. It is necessary to improve in areas to confirm a selection.

4979 Attempts  |  365 Tested

Courier Delivery Executive

The role of Courier Delivery Executive in Logistics Sector Skill Council are on the road staff who are responsible for collecting packages from the local Courier office and delivering them to the customers at their home. Try Courier Delivery Executive online test papers to prepare for NSDC skill test.

10980 Attempts  |  362 Tested

Warehouse Binner

Warehouse Binner needs to properly store away the items and maintain a proper inventory list of them. They need to be highly organised and possess an impeccable set of management skills for this job. Devise a proper strategy and know which areas you need improvement in the upcoming QP NOS Test for Warehouse Binner conducted by NSDC.

2594 Attempts  |  322 Tested

Transport Consolidator

Transportation varies from item to item but the priority level is quite different. The job role of a Transport Consolidator is to typically consolidate smaller or numerous loads/orders according to destination that pass through their station or hub into outbound trucks for final delivery. Only the candidates who qualify in NSDC Skill Test are eligible for training.

3602 Attempts  |  300 Tested

Warehouse Claims Coordinator

Warehouse Claims Coordinator are highly skilled and well trained professional who handles all the claims related queries. The job involves ensuring the legitimacy of the documents, assessing the goods concerned to ensure the claim is genuine and estimating the reimbursable amount. Try these mock tests on this skill and see how much of a chance you have to secure a training opportunity with LSC.

1815 Attempts  |  230 Tested

Reach Truck Operator

Reach Truck Operators are responsible for transporting material from staging area to the storage racks, moving items from the storage racks to the picking area and assisting in inventory counts. Logistics Sector Skill Council will be training the best candidates who score in the upper limit of NSDC Skills Certification Test.

1742 Attempts  |  166 Tested

Loader and Unloader

Learn how you can score better in the actual NSDC Skill Test conducted under the PMKVY employment and training scheme. Only the candidates who qualify in this are eligible for training. Loader and Unloader Operatives handle the transfer and transportation of all the items between focus points and also see to it that the conditions are best fit for the products.

1751 Attempts  |  131 Tested

MHE Maintenance Technician

The Logistics and Transportation Sector need efficient people who regularly check and maintains all the instruments, equipments and operational devices. Maintenance Technician is this person. Understanding and Debugging Machines and backing up all data should be done by the Maintenance Technician.

1928 Attempts  |  126 Tested

Receiving Assistant

Transportation is a to-and-fro process where the items are shipped by one side and received by the other. It is necessary that the receiving end ensures the quality and legitimacy of the product they get in order to maintain a good client relationship. Hence, Receiving Assistants help Executives in scanning and checking the items received from warehouses.

1924 Attempts  |  126 Tested

Kitting and Labelling Executive

To keep a prpoepr track of things happening in the ever so growing logistics sectors, Kitting and Labelling Executive need to collect components required to make one complete product, verify this with the bill of materials and pack them. Practice NSDC Skill Test for Kitting and Labelling Executive and know where your level of preparation stands

1781 Attempts  |  124 Tested

Loading Supervisor

Loading Supervisor is the overall incharge who maintains and oversees all the information that gets processed and the consignments that are transferred from one place to other. Test your ability to answer questions based on NSDC Skill Test for Training and Placement by Logistics Sector Skill Council.

1904 Attempts  |  123 Tested