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Sewing Machine Operator

Garment Industry largely relies upon the dexterity and skilfulness of Sewing Machine Operator in getting the job done when it comes to stitching and designing. Do you wish to work in this line of work? If yes, NSDC and AMHSSC are here to help you.

47558 Attempts  |  1442 Tested

सिलाई मशीन ऑपरेटर

सिलाई और डिजाइनिंग की बात आती है तो परिधान उद्योग मोटे तौर पर नौकरी पाने में सिलाई मशीन ऑपरेटर की निपुणता और कुशलता पर निर्भर करता है। क्या आप काम की इस पंक्ति में काम करना चाहते हैं? यदि हां, तो एनएसडीसी और एएमएचएसएससी आपकी मदद करने के लिए यहां हैं।

36076 Attempts  |  1358 Tested

स्वयं कार्यरत दर्जी

स्वयं कार्यरत महिला - सिलाई एएमएचएसएससी की एक नई मान्यता प्राप्त भूमिका है इस नौकरी के लिए प्रशिक्षित प्रोफेशनल्स को सिलाई और वस्त्र और कपड़ों की मरम्मत के लिए सिखाया जाता है ताकि आजीविका के लिए स्वयं निर्भर हो। पीएमकेवीए प्रमाणन परीक्षा के लिए तैयार करने के लिए स्व-नियोजित दर्जी के कौशल परीक्षण के आधार पर कुछ महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्नों का अभ्यास करें।

96686 Attempts  |  1355 Tested

Self Employed Tailor

Self Employed Woman - Tailoring is a newly recognized job role by AMHSSC. Professionals trained for this job are taught to sew and repair garments and apparels to be self dependent for livelihood. Practice some important questions based on the skill test of Self Employed Tailor to prepare for the PMKVY certification exam.

54359 Attempts  |  1291 Tested

Advance Pattern Maker(CAD and CAM)

CAd CAM Design requires creativity and skill which can only be developed in time. AMHSSC will be training candidates that make it through PMKVY and NSDC Skill Test in the art of designing beautiful designs and deriving patterns for various garments and handicrafts.

2646 Attempts  |  512 Tested

Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer is the person of interest when it comes to designing patterns and responsive designs for Apparel, Made-ups and Home Furnishing. Professionals at AMHSSC will be working with candidates who qualify the NSDC Skill Test for the same and will assist them in improving their skill set when it comes to Fashion Designing.

3073 Attempts  |  339 Tested

Export Assistant

AMHSSC also provides professional training to candidates who wish to work in the Trading Sector of Apparel, Made ups and Home Furnishing. The job role of an Export Assistant is to devise proper trade routes for business and maintain a good rapport with the clientèle. Under PMKVY employment scheme, candidates that qualify the QP NOS Test by NSDC will be eligible for training and certification.

3331 Attempts  |  301 Tested

Embroidery Machine Operator

Proficiency in handling an Embroidery Machine comes with practice and proper training. An Operator needs to know how to handle various operations and design a particular pattern with ease. AMHSSC will train candidates and make them masters at handling such equipments.

4100 Attempts  |  300 Tested

हाथ कढ़ाई Hand Embroidery

हाथ कढ़ाई के लिए डिजाइनर और नए पैटर्न बनाने दोनों के लिए कुशल होना आवश्यक होता है। इस क्षेत्र में महारत प्राप्त करने के लिए भारत के एएमएचएसएससी से बेहतर तरिके से सीखना चाहिए। एनएसडीसी कौशल टेस्ट में हाथ कढ़ाई के क्षेत्र में सफलता प्राप्त करने के लिए और जानें कि कैसे आप उद्योगों के लिए सर्वश्रेष्ठ डिजाइन बना सकते है।

7138 Attempts  |  281 Tested

Hand Embroiderer

Hand Embroiderer are required to dexterous and highly skilful in both designing and deriving new patterns. In order to achieve greatness in the field, you need to learn professionally from the best there is, which in India is AMHSSC. Crack the NSDC Skill Test for Hand Embroiderer and learn how to create beautiful designs from the best professionals of the industry.

5870 Attempts  |  221 Tested

सैम्पलिंग दर्जी-Sampling Tailor

पीएमकेवीवाई और एनएसडीसी कौशल क्षेत्रों के अंतर्गत प्रशिक्षण के लिए उम्मीदवारों को चुनें और अपने कैरियर में महत्वपूर्ण वृद्धि करने के लिए उचित प्रमाण पत्र प्राप्त करें। यह खंड, सैम्पलिंग दर्जी से संबंधित नौकरी की भूमिका के कौशल और विभिन्न कार्यों के बारे में हैं, जैसे कि किसी विशेष प्रकार के कपड़े का चयन करना, आवश्यक कपड़े की मात्रा को कम करना, गर्दन, आस्तीन, कॉलर आदि के लिए नए डिजाइन तैयार करना।

6266 Attempts  |  212 Tested

Sampling Tailor

PMKVY and NSDC will be looking into selecting candidates for training under skill sectors and getting proper certificates for getting a significant boost in their career. This section will be all about Sampling Tailor Skills and various functions related to the job role, like selecting a particular type of garment, shortlisting the amount of fabric required, creating new designs for neck, sleeves, collars etc.

4203 Attempts  |  199 Tested

Export Manager

NSDC Skill Test under the PMKVY Scheme will be conducted for entry in various skill sectors. Export Manager Training will involve understanding the import export business, price ranging of various commodities and identifying potential clients and trade routes. Prepare for the selection test by trying some mock test papers for the same.

842 Attempts  |  169 Tested

Fabric Checker

In the world of apparels and garment making, Fabric Checker is a crucial role. A person needs to experienced while analysing the fabric for quality and faults. After qualifying the preliminary NSDC Skill Test, the candidates can receive proper training and certification for the same. Here you can try a few tests for Fabric Checker Skill.

880 Attempts  |  149 Tested

Export Executive

In the Garment Sector, an export executive needs to know the entire trading business at the back of the head. An export executive will work closely with the team and devise proper proposals for making a successful business deal. These ethical codes with be taught by AMHSSC to those candidates that clear the NSDC Skill Test.

664 Attempts  |  137 Tested


Merchandiser plays a pivotal role in booking and maintaining a proper record of apparel sale and purchase records. This is a crucial job role that requires professional training which can be achieved by qualifying for NSDC Skill Test by PMKVY for training under AMHSSC. Know more about the test pattern here.

757 Attempts  |  112 Tested

Specialized Sewing Machine Operator

NSDC Skill Test conducted under the PMKVY directives for Specialized Sewing Machine Operator can be tried upon in this section. The job role of Specialized Sewing Machine Operator is to create and work on various stitches on the sewing machine. They also need to know how to repair one.

2215 Attempts  |  102 Tested

Measurement Checker

Apparel MadeUps and Home Furnishing Sector Skill Council (AMHSSC) will be shortlisting candidates through NSDC Skill Test for professional training in the area of Measurement Analysis. The duties of a Measurement Checker is to measure and maintain a keen eye on the dimensions of the garment at various stages. In addition to this, he/she also needs to check the garment for defects.

608 Attempts  |  91 Tested

Store Keeper

The job of Store Keeper is to keep track on receipt, issue, handling, storage and preservation of materials for quantity, quality and traceability. AMHSSC trained Store keepers can prepare for the skill test and certification exam in this section of NSDC practice tests.

1708 Attempts  |  68 Tested

Garment Cutter CAM

NSDC Skill Test for opting for training by HCSSC under PMKVY scheme can be tried upon in this section. It will particularly deal with test papers on Garment Cutter CAM Skill. The main function of a Garment Cutter CAM is align the machine and make proper arrangements to embody the design properly in the garment.

333 Attempts  |  63 Tested

Inline Checker

The job description of an Inline Checker in the Apparel and Garment Sector is to identity faults, cuts and irregularities in the produced product and mention proper solutions for the same. AMHSSC will be assisting candidates that make into the final cut in properly pursuing this as a fulltime career.

582 Attempts  |  63 Tested

Factory Compliance Auditor

NSDC Skill Test for Factory Compliance Auditor in the Apparel Industry can be attempted in this section. The job role of Factory Compliance Auditor is to conduct regular audit of various departments to maintain consistency and authenticity. This entire process is designed under the directives of PMKVY.

242 Attempts  |  47 Tested

Quality Assessor

Get trained in the Apparel sector by AMHSSC and certified by NSDC to boost your professional career exponentially. As a Quality Assessor, you are required to assess and analyse the quality of the final product and see if it is adequate and good enough for the customers and the market.

343 Attempts  |  45 Tested

Q C Executive Sewing Line

The job description of Quality Control Executive (QC) in the area of Sewing Line in the apparel industry revolves around checking the various stages for efficient and output against the optimum score and also take feedback from all the operators regarding the same. AMHSSC will teach you how to handle such operations and provide proper training.

233 Attempts  |  37 Tested

Sampling Coordinator

Apparel MadeUps and Home Furnishing Sector Skill Council, commonly known as AMHSSC, will be training NSDC Skill Test qualified candidates for the post of Sampling Coordinator. The job role will revolve around judiciously checking each sample for quality and fault detection as well as taking proper samples and photo samples for display and research purposes.

252 Attempts  |  34 Tested

Production Supervisor Sewing

PMKVY aims to fulfil the dream of creating professional trained candidates for various job sectors. NSDC Skill Test in this section aims at assessing the candidates on their knowledge of Production Supervisor Sewing Skill. The designated job requires a person who can monetize the entire process and maintain a good rapport the entire section of people at various stages.

268 Attempts  |  32 Tested

Layer ManMachine Maintenance Mechanic Sewing Machine

Machine Maintenance Mechanic will be the person looking after all the sewing and mechanical systems operations and maintain a proper schedule of looking into each piece of equipment for overall efficient production. Prepare for NSDC Skill Test for the same to reserve a seat in the AMHSSC Training Programme for Machine Maintenance Mechanic.

223 Attempts  |  30 Tested


NSDC Skill Test for Pressman under the directive of PMKVY Scheme can be attempted and tried upon in this section of AMHSSC Mock Test Series. The Pressman will be looking after all the ironing processes of the garments and also maintain a proper queue of the pending processes.

223 Attempts  |  30 Tested

Boutique Manager

Boutique Manager is a gifted fashioner with business sharpness for overseeing shop to make fashion wear, made ups and home decorations. Practice NSDC skill test questions for the job role of Boutique Manager and improve your chances of clearing the qualification examination.

917 Attempts  |  27 Tested

Assistant Fashion Designer

The job role of Assistant fashion designer is to study market, analyse trend, perceive fashion setting in and develop collections for upcoming season for products belonging to Apparels only. Attempt a free Assistant Fashion Designer test and assess your thinking ability and career options according to the score achieved in free online NSDC test.

1098 Attempts  |  26 Tested

Industrial Engineer (IE) Executive

Industrial Engineer Executive in the Garment Sector is responsible for maintaining and optimizing all the sewing machines and other equipments to maintain a proper production cycle. NSDC Skill Test will be based on both simple and complex subjects of Industrial Engineering which you need to qualify in order to get trained by AMHSSC.

188 Attempts  |  25 Tested

Layer Man

The Layer Man is responsible for identifying the right fabric and analysing the quality of the raw material before it goes into mass production and design. NSDC Skill Test will serve as a benchmark on your knowledge of the apparel industry and will help you achieve a training opportunity with AMHSSC.

147 Attempts  |  24 Tested

Framer Computerized Embroidery Machine

PMKVY teamed up with NSDC and Sector Skill Councils to provide professional training to all the selected candidates in various job sectors. The job role for Framer Computerized Embroidery Machine Operator would be to maintain a proper and systematic hooping and framing operations on the machine along with observing the process in the computerized machine.

163 Attempts  |  23 Tested

Assistant Designer Home Furnishing

An Assistant Designer (Home Furnishing) is an occupation part dedicated to study, examination, conceptualization, expectation and lastly formation of plans to different material items from kitchenwares to floorcovers. Apparel Madeups and Home Furnishing Sector Skill Council will be training professionals for the job role of Assistant Designer (Home Furnishing). Practice NSDC online skill test for this job role here.

633 Attempts  |  23 Tested

Fabric Cutter

The Fabric Cutter (apparel, made-ups and home furnishing) is in charge of mass cutting with exactness of textures physically or with the assistance of electrically worked texture cutter. NSDC along with AMHSSC will be training and certifying individuals as fabric cutter under the PMKVY scheme. Practice online tests for Fabric Cutter to check your preparedness for the certification exam.

595 Attempts  |  21 Tested

Pattern Master

As per the qualification pack prepared by AMHSSC and NSDC, a Pattern Master develops pattern as per the techpack received. Have a crack at the Pattern Master online sample test papers in a bid to prepare for the NSDC skill test after training completion.

93 Attempts  |  20 Tested

Cutting Supervisor

The Cutting Supervisor is a vocation part in removing area conveying errands as general incharge of the cutting office work observing generation and nature of cutting procedures. Start preparing for the certification exam of Cutting Supervisor by attempting multiple NSDC mock tests at Youth4work.

242 Attempts  |  12 Tested


A packer carries out various packing tasks in the finishing department. The Apparel, Madeups and Home Furnishing Sector Skill Council is training individuals for the job role of Packer in NSDC approved training centres across India. Prepare for the skill test required for certification by attempting QP NOS based online tests available in this section.

307 Attempts  |  12 Tested

Line Supervisor Stitching

Attempt Line Supervisor (Stitching) mock test to prepare for the challenging skill test after PMKVY training completion. The Line Supervisor (Stitching) is a job role in stitching carrying out tasks as overall incharge of the assembly line, monitoring the production and quality of stitching processes.

384 Attempts  |  10 Tested


A Finisher has the responsibility of executing procedures like thread cutting, ironing, fusing expulsion behind embroidered panels etc carried out between stitching and packing of products. Prepare for the skill test of Finisher by attempting free NSDC sample test papers available here.

306 Attempts  |  9 Tested

Merchandiser Madeups and Home Furnishing

As per the Qualification Pack of Merchandiser (Made-ups & Home Furnishing) executes all the processes of booking order till final shipment. Try mixed bag question paper on various skills of Merchandiser (Made-ups & Home Furnishing) in this section of NSDC practice test papers.

264 Attempts  |  7 Tested

Online Sample Designer

An online sample designer is highly qualified professional who studies international market, analyzes trend, perceive fashion and develops designs online. Take a simple QP NOS based online practice test for online sample designer and find out your level of expertise in this job role.

294 Attempts  |  7 Tested

Sourcing Manager

Sourcing Manager in apparel, made-ups and home furnishing sector is a trained professional who has expertise in procurement and purchase of materials like fabrics, trims and accessories. Prepare for the certification examination of Sourcing Manager by practicing QP NOS based tests at Youth4work regularly.

397 Attempts  |  7 Tested

Assistant Designer Madeups

An Assistant Designer (Madeups) develops and designs collections for range of home textiles that belong to madeups. Try challenging AMHSSC mock test for Assistant Designer (Madeups) and find out how capable you are for passing the skill test.

263 Attempts  |  6 Tested

Processing Supervisor Dyeing and Printing

The job role of Processing Supervisor (Dyeing and Printing) is to monitor and oversee the overall dyeing and printing processes of textile products. AMHSSC and NSDC will be training professionals as Processing Supervisors under the PMKVY scheme. Get some practice on skill test questions before appearing in the certification exam.

220 Attempts  |  5 Tested