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General Awareness

Try some challenging questions of General Static Awareness and Daily National as well as International news asked in GK section of CMAT, practice for free at youth4work.

369608 Attempts  |  10482 Tested

Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation

Questions on Quantitative Analysis and Data Interpretation section can be attempted here of CMAT examination for free. Solve questions from each section and review your method after completion.

125350 Attempts  |  7375 Tested

Logical Reasoning

Decipher the main logic behind the questions asked in CMAT Logical Reasoning section. Questions and their detailed solutions can be reviewed and you can check where exactly your performance needs improvement.

150904 Attempts  |  6679 Tested

Language Comprehension

Language Comprehension Questions asked in CMAT exam require both reading skills and English vocabulary. Analyze your test taking performance and work around the questions to check where you can improve.

117412 Attempts  |  4646 Tested

Mock Test for Cmat

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CMAT Mock 1

Youth4work provides you the platform to prepare for your upcoming CMAT exam with abundance amount of mock tests and practice including all the important topics.

27934 Attempts  |  988 Tested

CMAT Mock 2

Get all the mock tests for free including all the important topics of all the sections from level easy to difficult. Go and prepare !

2731 Attempts  |  66 Tested

CMAT Mock 3

Prepare yourself with all the mock and practice tests provided by Youth4work for free including sections like Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Language Comprehension and General Awareness.

2041 Attempts  |  41 Tested

CMAT Mock 4

CMAT Mock Test includes all previous year Mock Test of CMAT Examination. Try CMAT Online Preparation with this advanced Mock paper to excel and achieve your goal easily.

1496 Attempts  |  31 Tested

CMAT Mock 5

Youth4work is the best platform to prepare yourself with their CMAT Mock Papers. The Tests are advanced and updates according to the new exam pattern and revised syllabus.

944 Attempts  |  16 Tested

CMAT Mock 10

Become a pro by continious practicing and puting efforts in improvement. Here, register to practice via Mock Test of competitive exam CMAT.

924 Attempts  |  16 Tested

CMAT Mock 6

Take out a specific time to invest in online preparations for CMAT. Attempt the questions from online Mock Tests and Practice Papers.

737 Attempts  |  15 Tested

CMAT Mock 7

CMAT Online Preparation with Best Mock Tests could be practiced for free here. Register to start practicing.

484 Attempts  |  10 Tested

CMAT Mock 8

Questions related to CMAT and its sections. Practice all from the Mock Tests with solutions here for free to cover all sections, start testing now!

502 Attempts  |  7 Tested

CMAT Mock 9

CMAT online preparation: Get the latest questions from leading Mock Tests and Practice Papers of CMAT and begin your preparation for free to score high.

472 Attempts  |  7 Tested