What are tips for someone whose preparing for Polytechnic?

What are tips for someone whose preparing for Polytechnic? please tell

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  • Study the book of class 10 to 12 and on attempt those question which you are sure every correct attempt give you 1 marks and deducted -1 mark for every incorrect attempt.

  • ·         There is negative marking in the exam so try to attempt only those questions which you are sure of.
    ·         There are 150 questions and 2 hour and 30 minutes are allotted for it , so you have to be speedy with accuracy.
    ·         Whatever new concepts you learn; make it a habit of practicing them regularly so you do not forget key topics. Because you will not have enough time to prepare all the syllabus topics proficiently, so you must master those you are comfortable with.
    ·         Candidate should practice mock tests which will help in improving time management and identify weaknesses. For this purpose, I would recommend you the prepguru app by youth4work. Link of the app is given below in the description.  
    For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cyyLDej2Ww&list=PLKQu-ix31TLJZbkH0C54YTXD4EdddbkSN&index=3

  • When the exam starts the first thing to do is plan how you will approach it. This means deciding:
    What questions you are going to answer (if there are options). Choose topics that you know best even if the questions seem hard. Remember to make sure that you complete the compulsory questions.
    How long you will spend on each question. See Planning your time for an exam 
    What order you will answer the questions in. Start with questions that you feel the most confident about, as you may be able to answer them faster than you plan for. This will give you extra time for other questions or to revise your answers.
    Write down your order and how long you will spend on each question so that you have a plan to follow. As you go through the exam check to make sure you have answered all the questions, and that you are sticking to your time plan.

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