My friend is interested in program manager's post. what are the requirements for this post?

program manager

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Program managers (PMs) are the in-house advocates for millions of people worldwide who predict and research how software is used and work closely with SWE to ensure our products exceed people's expectations. You drive the technical vision, design, and implementation of software solutions.
A bachelor's, master's or doctorate degree in engineering, computer science or related field (within six months of graduation).
A year or two of experience programming in C++, Java or other computer programming languages preferred.
A year or two of experience in C/C++/C#/VB.NET and experience designing and developing tool architecture preferred.
Familiarity with managing complex project schedules, solving complex problems and nurturing cross-group collaboration.
Strong technical prowess, including understanding of algorithms, systems architecture and end-user experience.
Ability to think unconventionally to derive creative and innovative solutions.
Demonstrated expertise in feature definition, design and feasibility.
Demonstrated skill in estimating development time.
Demonstrated skills in negotiation and conflict management. (ref)

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