How can I prepare for Zoho written test and interview?
Please share some tips and tricks of Zoho written test and interview.
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  • Zoho Recruitment: Preparation tips for Written Test/Interview
    ·         You need to finish two sections of Zoho within 90 minutes, which means you need speed with accuracy in order to attempt 50 questions in total. The more you practice, the better chances you have of acing this exam.
    ·         Make technical section your strong suit, practice questions to solve them within time to increase efficiency.
    ·         Ace the programming languages and increase your speed by practicing the codes of different questions.
    ·         Remember negative marking is not a factor here. Therefore, try to attempt all the questions.
    ·         Manage your time properly; give an appropriate amount of time to each section. Try to improve your time by practicing as many online tests as possible. Youth4work provides online mock tests; this way one can learn to finish the entire exam within the time limit.
    ·         You should be confident while giving the answers to the interviewers.
    ·         You should have knowledge of the job profile that you have applied, so that, you can answer the interview questions accurately.
    ·         It is very important to maintain proper health, so you don’t fall sick on the big day. Give your brain an appropriate time to refresh itself. Don’t rush too much information into your head than its limit allows.
    ·         Take it slow and steady. And get at least eight hours of sleep each night.

  • Hi, here are some tips and tricks to prepare for test and interview:
    ·        As there is no negative marking try to attempt all the questions.
    ·        Try to improve your communication skills.
    ·        Also, don’t forget to do prep test so that you know your strengths and weakness.
    ·        Read the newspaper to improve your English.
    Also, don't forget to watch our youtube video:

  • Tips and insights for Zoho written test and interview:
    Written Round : There are many patterns for first round such as (Aptitude + C), (Flowchart + C), etc. To clear this round, you should be good at dry run. Problems generally concentrate on complex loops and nested loops and control flows. Good knowledge in loops and recursions is enough to clear this round. You should also be familiar with basics of pointers as well.
    Programming Round : The students who clear the written round are called for Programming Round. You will be provided laptop and turbo C compiler. Sometimes, they don’t allow Java and C++ for second round. You can expect 6-8 programming problems in this round. To clear this round, you should be strong in data structure and algorithms. You can expect questions from Arrays and String manipulation.
    Advanced Programming Round : In this round you expect, advanced algorithm problems or a system design problem with database, authentication method and some basic things like logout, send, and login modules. Example: Railway reservation system, mail server.
    Technical HR Round : The number of technical HR rounds may vary depending on your performance in the previous HR rounds. You can expect questions from Java, Data structures, approach for the given scenario, databases, and logical apps.
    General HR Round : They ask HR questions like : 1. Tell me about Yourself 2. Why Zoho ? 3. About Zoho 4. How you see yourself after five years from now ? 5. What are your strengths and weaknesses ? 6. Questions form resume 7. Why did you choose CSE? To make your exam prep effective and fruitful, go to the links below:

    • Previous year questions: CLICK HERE
    • For free Mock tests: CLICK HERE

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