What is the Selection Process at Zoho?
What is the Selection Process at Zoho placement ??????????????
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  • Recruitment Process :
    Zoho conducts 4-5 rounds to select freshers as Software Engineer in their organisation.
    Written Round
    Programming Round
    Advanced Programming Round
    Technical HR Round
    General HR Round

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  • Selection process: Zoho Recruitment 2018
    First Round will be a written test having 50 questions of 50 marks.

    Second Round will also be a written test have 10 questions of 10 marks.

    The candidate who qualifies the first and second round will go for the third round. Third Round will consists of five programming questions where the candidate need to write the codes for each one of them. It will be of 75 minutes.

    After the candidate qualifies the third round, will go for the Fourth Round which will be a face to face interview.

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