Tips and tricks for written exam in Accenture?
Tips and tricks
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  • Tips and Tricks
    The exam will be objective multiple choice type.
    Candidates must attempt questions carefully, as there is no negative marking.
    Keep confident and particular while attempting interview rounds.
    Take online mock tests to know your strengths and weaknesses.
    Candidates must practice placement papers and mock tests to prepare well.

    To prepare for Accenture placements, you need to get some good books. Here you will find the Books for Accenture placements online: Click Here

  • Hi, if you wants to crack Accenture then you should follow some tips and tricksand some last year exam paper. here is some tricks to crack accenture and companies like accenture also interview tricks Interview Preparation.
    Be confident..
    study about that company and their profile and statistics.
    focus on basic questions that are useful to them.
     Download Study Material for AMCAT Exam Preparation.

  • Be confident..
    study about that company and their profile and statistics.
    focus on basic questions that are useful to them.

  • If you are preparing for any written exam of any competitive exam/entrance exam or applying for any job, then you must know 10 Best Study Tricks/Strategy to Score Well. Here we are suggesting you important tips for written exam preparations which every candidate must apply during his / her preparation. Consider these tips strongly as these will definitely benefit you in getting success in your exam.
    The aspirants must study from latest and update study materiel. The Preparation Books must cover the latest Exam Pattern and exam Syllabus. Preparation books play a major role in any candidate success.
    Always try to take small breaks while studying as it will enhance your concentration level while studying. And it is very necessary that while you are studying you must be focused and concentrated. 
    While studying you must prepare short notes which will be useful for you while revision. Try to make notes by yourself as it will be understandable easily and you will remember all major points easily for last long.

    While studying long chapters mostly it become very difficult and other important task is to remember. So, just try to make stories from lessons. It will be easier while learning and stories that are based on your living will remember you for last long.

    • Important Tips:
    • 1.Carefully read and follow all the instruction given in the exam paper. 
    • 2.Don't overestimate and don't underestimate the exam paper, always remember that every candidate 3.get the same exam paper. If the exam paper is easy then it is easy for everyone and if it is difficult then it is difficult for everyone. 
    • 4.Don't stick to any question for long period of time. If you became confused and stuck in between then leave that question and jump to another question. 
    • 5.Always attempt your strongest section or the type of question in which you are strong. 
    • 6.Always believe in your preparation and yourself and have faith that you can crack the paper.

  • Hi, aradhna Aptitude tests, Logical Reasoning and little bit of verbal ability test are common in placement rounds. Almost 99% start with these rounds and short list first set of candidates.

    If you want to get selected in placement round then I strongly recommend you to practice as many questions as you can. We habitually think that we know how to solve these questions but we fail to realize that speed matters!

    In this placement test when 1000 of students like you are competing, companies do not have sufficient time to go through each and every candidates, thus they almost cut down 50-75% of the participants on the basis of aptitude test itself. Those left have to go through another Technical round or GD/PI or something similar sort of round.

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