can i crack aiims without coaching? ? please answer me...

is it possible to crack aiims entrance exam without coaching? ?

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  • Ofcourse ability to work hard can make you as an AIIMS cracker.

  • of course, there  are lots of students crack aiims without coaching nothing is impossible if you work hard 

  • Yes off course Kal result k sath proof bhi aa jaega

  • There has always been a misconception that aiims exam is tough but it is never so. If you solve the questions of previous year you will find the questions are all based on basic concepts.There are even students who get 450 in neet but really good in aiims. What is the most important thing to get chance in any competitive exam is DISCIPLINE and CONSISTENCE. 1. study everyday. If you don't feel like studing slove mcq . But don't make excuse of studying later. 2. Make your time table such that you complete your syllabus fast and have enough time for revision . 3.For biology , read the ncert thoroughly . Solve mcqs and assertion reasons. 3.For physics , Read the chapters from the book where you can understand the concepts clearly . The most important aspect is to practice a lot of sums.For the sums Hc verma , mordern abc, aiims previous year questions, etc will be good. 4.For chemistry, reading ncert properly is more than enough. Understanding the mechanisms in organic and isomerism is also very important so try to solve maqs from organic, this will help clear your concepts. Other than this everyday!!! solve mcqs everyday.

  • Make a time table Focus on the three subjects in a strategic manner. Read from the NCERT book clear your basics from there. Once you completely read the NCERT book thoroughly then you have no need to take coaching classes to crack AIIMS. Solve all problems in Physics and Chemistry by your own hands as you has seen in NCERT there are lots of examples given solve those examples too , sometimes those examples can come in exams..

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