How can I apply for the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT)?

Where Can I Apply For The NMAT And What Is The Registration Process Of It?

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     Finalise your Registration and Schedule your NMAT exam. You must Register for the NMAT by GMAC on the official website
    Step:2 After finalizing the NMAT 2020 Registration, go to the website of each MBA college accepting NMAT score and complete its application process

    Step by Step Registration Process for NMAT by GMAC
    After creating your NMAT by GMAC account as a new user by filling up your name, e-mail ID and mobile number, you will receive your user ID and Password on your mail separately. You need to login to complete your NMAT application form as an existing user. There are 7 pages in NMAT 2020 registration and application form. You need to complete them carefully one by one

    Step-1: Fill up Your Personal Information
    On the very first page, you need to fill up your identity information like your name, date of birth, age, gender, category, native language. You have to upload your photo of the required size on this page. The details about your parents and you're about your identity proof are also to be entered on this page  

    Step-2: Fill Up Your Contact Details
    On the second page of NMAT Application form 2020, you are required to enter the contact details like Mobile Number, Email ID, Address for communication

    Step-3: Fill up Your Academics & Work Experience
    Here you need to enter your highest qualification and your work experience that you have acquired after graduation

    Step-4: Fill Up MBA College Preference
    On this page, you can select 5 MBA/PGDM programs/B-schools where your NMAT 2020 scores will be sent free of cost. Out of the available choices, you need to choose the 5 most preferred programs/B-schools. The B-schools can be selected not only from India but also from the given list of B-schools in South Africa, Philippines, and Nigeria  

    Step-5: Fill up Additional Information
    You need to fill in additional information on this page. The information is related to your source of information about NMAT exam, which other MBA entrance exams you are planning to take, how do you propose to fund your MBA course, whether you are helping others to prepare for MBA entrance exam.

     Step-6: Agree on Declaration Form
    This is the declaration form stating that whatever information you have provided on all the pages is correct and you also agree to abide by the NMAT by GMAC terms. Unless you click on ‘I Agree’, your form remains incomplete. After completing this page, you should review the complete registration and application form of NMAT by GMAC and click on save & next to continue on the next page.

    Step-7: Make Payment of Application Fee - Rs.2360/- (Including GST)
    You need to click on submit and make payment of application fee of Rs.2000/- + Rs.360/- towards taxes online. The registration fee of Rs.2000+360 (GST) for NMAT should be paid online through Visa or MasterCard Credit Card/Debit Card/ Net Banking/American Express Card/ Diners Card, IMPS, UPI and Mobile Wallets. You need to follow the instructions on the website after choosing the card option.  The image below shows the NMAT fee amount for registration without a late fee. 

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