What is the duty of an IAS officer? Can I give UPSC after 12th?
What is the duty of an IAS officer? Can I give UPSC after 12th?
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  • IAS officer is responsible for maintenance of law and order, revenue administration and general administration in the area under him. Functions of an IAS officer broadly include:

    * Maintenance of law and order.
    * To travel to places to oversee implementation of policies.
    * Collection of revenue and function as Courts in revenue matters.
    * Function as Chief Development Officer (CDO)/District Development Commissioner.
    * Supervision of implementation of policies of State Government and Central Government.
    * Supervision of expenditure of public funds as per norms of financial propriety.
    * Function as Executive Magistrate.
    * In the process of policy formulation and decision making, IAS officers at various levels like Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary etc. make their contributions and the give final shape to policies.
    * To handle the daily affairs of the government, including framing and implementation of policy in consultation with the minister-in-charge of the concerned Ministry;

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