What training courses does BSNL offer ?

Training courses

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  • No BSNL is bad in training and placements.In fact there's no placements and training is conducted. The class is scheduled full day but classes will be happening for half a day rest of the time is your enjoyment.On job training is so bad that we didnt even get trained and skilled in particular field where we want to gain knowledge in.So my advice is to better try for training in good institution because govt sectors group are all conducting to earn which they themselves agree at the end of the course. If u didnt trust me, ask the student who already completed the course and proceed. Best of Luck!  This year bsnl started a new way of earning, 

  • Transmission systems IP mobile communications

  • BSNL offers courses on Broadband Technology ,Digital Switching Systems, Digital Transmission systems, IP , Networking and Cyber Security, Optical Fiber Communication, Mobile Communications and Telecom Support Infrastructure.

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