What is TGT ? What is PGT in teaching? What does PRT mean?

AWES PGT TGT PRT: What is TGT ? What is PGT in teaching? What does PRT mean?

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  • What is the full form of TGT? 

    The full form of TGT is Trained Graduate Teacher. TGT is a term for an instructor whose showing preparation has been finished. TGT is not known as a course, yet it is an alumni preparation in educator instruction. Assuming an individual is an alumnus and has finished his B.Ed, the individual is a TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher) and there is no requirement for an instructor preparing to turn into a TGT. 

    Qualification models for TGT 
    TGT educators are qualified to instruct the beneath tenth grade understudies, including class tenth understudies. Important models are listed underneath. 
    The instructive foundation required for applying for the TGT section assessment An is an advanced education from a perceived board. 
    The greatest age limit for Trained alumni educators is 35 years. 
    Educators with a postgraduate certificate and TGT are alluded to as PGTs (Postgraduate Trained Teachers) and are qualified to instruct above tenth classes in school.

  • TGT: trained graduate teacher. 
    Least qualification required: b.ed and graduate in the subject you need to instruct. 
    TGT educates at the secondary level, i.e., from sixth to tenth. 

    PGT: Postgraduate teacher. 
    B.ed and post-graduation in the subject concerned is a prerequisite for PGT. 
    Likewise, PGTs educates senior secondary level, i.e., 11th and 12th. 

    PRT: primary teacher 
    The least capability required is confirmation in basic training or diploma in elementary teaching.
    They educate from 1st to 5th.

  • TGT full form is Trained Graduate Teacher and it is not the name of courses it is a Job title..There are courses that are called TGT courses, like B.Ed is a TGT course.TGT teachers can teach the classes like 8–10th..and PGT full form is Post Graduate Teacher this means, if you are a post-graduate (eg., M.A.), and have done your B.Ed or M.Ed then you become a post graduate teacher. PGT can teach up to class XII...

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