Sbi clerk lifestyle and post specifications
Wht is a job role for SBI clerk. Lifestyle salary benefits , allowance , elligibility, Education and what are the latest cuttoff for SBI clerk and how to crack these type of exam.
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  • Job role for SBI clerk is not as easy we think - Talking to customers to resolve their doubts and quieries and giving then the right guidance.. Being responsible for the accounts of the customer by verifying and signing pertinent documents countersigning and clearing cheques and drafts... Working on documentation and back-office work like Ledger maintenance , balance tallying, data entry and more...
    Pers of being a SBI clerk is - Flexible work hours and working in shifts, Travelling and changing challeneges, No door to door sales, Stable work environment.. 
    Salary of SBI clerk is basically around Rs. 20,950/-

SBI Clerk
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SBI Clerk