Rajasthan Police Constable - Preparation Tip, Tricks, Cracks, Dos & Don's ?
Rajasthan Police Constable - Preparation Tip, Tricks, Cracks, Dos & Don's? please?
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  • ·         Try to cover all important topics asked in Rajasthan police exam. Cover all important topics listed in Rajasthan Police Constable syllabus.
    ·         Practice with Rajasthan police constable mock tests to map your preparation with the desired results. When you practice mock tests, you get familiar with the pattern asked and get familiar with topics asked.
    ·         A study plan will groom you well to crack the Rajasthan Police Exam. Make a systematic study plan and strictly adhere to it.
    ·         Practice with Rajasthan Police Constable Previous Year Question Papers to get an idea of what was asked over years. There are chances of questions getting repeated over a few years.
    ·         Stay confident about your preparation. If you have confidence, you will be able to tackle the exam blues in a positive manner.
    ·         Maintain proper physical health and fitness for physical and medical exams.

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  • Preparation tips for Rajasthan Constable Recruitment 2018
    •           You need speed to finish the online test/exam within the prescribed time limit, which is just one hour for three sections. Practise reasoning and mathematics problems by memorising formulas. After each study session keep 1 hour for revision of topics learned/practised. Read on current affairs from newspapers, magazines, news channels etc., as GK can prove to be a good scoring area if prepared well.
    •           Make mathematics your strong suit, practise questions to solve them within time to increase efficiency. The trick here is to mug up math formulas by heart, so they come in handy while solving a problem.
    •           Remember negative marking is a factor here. Therefore, try not to attempt questions that put you in doubt.
    •           Manage your time properly; give appropriate amount of time to each section. Try to improve your time by practicing as many online tests as possible. Youth4work provides online mock tests will time limit attached to each question; this way one can learn to finish the entire exam within the time limit.
    •           Studying in a stretch for hours can be tedious and hard and also not so good. Therefore, try to study at several times in regular sessions during a day. This will make learning easy and fun, also you will have enough time to brush up the already studied topics in between intervals.
    •           It is very important to maintain proper health, so you don’t fall sick on the big day. Give your brain appropriate time to refresh itself. Don’t rush too much information into your head than its limit allows. Take it slow and steady. And get at least eight hours of sleep each night.
    If you need good books and study material for the preparation of Rajasthan Constable Exam 2018:

Rajasthan Police Constable
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