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Intelligence Bureau ACIO

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Exam Pattern/ Analysis/Syllabus Intelligence Bureau AICO

What is the exam pattern of the Intelligence Bureau AICO exam? What is the syllabus which comes in the exam? What kind of analysis is used for Intelligence Bureau AICO?

  • TM
  • Trishala
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always shows daily limit reached even after subscription.

Even after subscribing for 6 months, the app doesn't allow me to take test, always shows daily limit reached. kindly help me with this matter

  • SK
  • Saurabh
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Tips & Tricks/Last Year Paper Tips & Tricks

What are the TIPS that should be followed for Intelligence Bureau ACIO Exam? What are the areas we should work on? what kind of tricks should we follow to gain good marks?

  • TM
  • Trishala
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unable to take test even after opting premium membership

why is showing your daily limit is exceeded even I opted for premium membership for 90 days

  • MN
  • Mohammed
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I want to Hindi language.....

Hindi language math English reasoning general studies please please continue

  • AK
  • Ashish
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Eligibility criteria/Important Dates Eligibility criteria/Important Dates

What is the eligibility criteria for Intelligence Bureau AICO exam? Who all can appear in the examination? What are the important dates that should be kept in mind for this examina ...

  • TM
  • Trishala
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when they will release notification for acio jobs in 2020

i wanted to know when is the next notification of acio....is they release in 2020....

  • MJ
  • Manjunath
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physical fitness is most important for ib officers?? anyone please give me a answer!

ib officer bnne ke liye kin kin chijo se ready rhna hoga?? please kya koi achhe se sumjha skte hai 🙏🙏🙏

  • AJ
  • Ankima
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Does the current affairs get updated regularly?

about new current affairs.

  • AS
  • Ayush
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Please suggest a good Study plan for Intelligence Bureau ACIO Exam.

Please share some Tips or Tricks for Intelligence Bureau ACIO Exam preparation.

  • Abhishek Kumar
  • Abhishek
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Sir mujhe sample paper chaiya MHA IB Security Assistant ke Liya please sir mock paper Kab load hoga

Please sir jaldi rahe mera exam 17th Feb Ko hai sir hindi language mai exam hota hai kaya

  • AJ
  • Amrit
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2018 exam registration form for tier 1

I have been looking for the past month but some websites say 22nd Feb to 60 days but the official website has nothing. where can I find the form for 2018 registration?

  • EC
  • Enashree
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What is Work profile of an IB ACIO

What is the work profile of an IB ACIO? What is the eligibility criteria to write the exam and starting salaries?

  • AF
  • Afshan
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mam..when we get the notification for 2018???


  • MD
  • Moumita
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i paid 177 rs for subscription pls upgrade my plan the amount debited from my account

i paid 177 ra for subscription pls upgrade my plan the amount debited from my account

  • PI
  • Praneeth
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i fill form of security assistant but there is minor mistake , session of 10th class is 2014 & by mistake it was filled 2013 ...I want to know that my form is rejected or accepted.

all mistake is done by a person who has a shop of computer & he filled my form.

  • PS
  • Parshant
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next IB ACIO recruitment kab hoga ??


  • GR
  • Goutam
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Which test series should I join for the Intelligence Bureau ACIO exam?

Which test series should I join for the Intelligence Bureau ACIO exam?

  • Vansha Jain
  • Vansha
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