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Quantitative Aptitude IDBI Bank के लिए अभ्यास मॉक टेस्ट

Probability is a dreaded section that can work as a rank booster if you are able to apply proper logic. These test papers contains some of the best probability based questions which will help you increase you conversion chances with IDBI Bank Recruitment.

Permutation and Combination can really boost your overall score provided you get comfortable with the topic. Develop a habit to attempt as many mock tests as possible to gain confidence in this subject.

Upstream and Downstream Current constitute the entirety of Boats and Streams based questions in Quantitative Aptitude Section of IDBI Bank Recruitment Test. Attempt these practice papers to know what type of questions really come.

Questions that require arithmetical application to calculate average in the given set of questions can be attempted here. It is important to analyse your performance after each test to know where you stand.

Quantitative Aptitude always has a few time consuming and calculative topics. Introducing Compound Interest, a topic that might take a lot of time while you'll be taking the combined tests. So attempt these tests to build up speed.

Time and Work is an essential topic for IDBI Recruitment Exam. Learn how to solve such questions and do not try to pull up short cuts as they might end up giving a wrong answer.

Calculate Speed, Distance and Time according to the asked statements and notations. Solve these questions so you may also get to develop a faster calculation speed.

Decipher the real meaning behind all the facades and number tricks in this section of IDBI Bank Recruitment Preparation Tests. These questions are particular and can be solved only by practising regularly.

Compute the net profit and loss in these questions and find the solution before the time runs out. Most of these bank recruitment examinations are time sensitive so you need to take that into consideration.