Financial awareness
Can anybody tell me what topics need to be covered as part of Financial awareness
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  • 1. Current Affairs :-
    National Current Affairs
    International Current Affairs
    Person in News/ Awards
    Economy Current Affairs
    Important organisations : SEBI, RBI
    Credit rating Agencies: National & International

    2. Static Affairs :
    History of Banking in India: Which was the first bank to be setup in Madras province etc. Nationalization of Banks.
    Organizations:RBI; NABARD; Planning Commission; 5 year plans; Finance Commission; World Bank
    Reserve Bank of India’s role in Indian banking system.
    Economic/ Financial terms & concepts: GDP; GNP; PPP; HDI; Inflation; WPI; CPI; IIP; SLR; CRR; Repo rate; Reverse Repo; Bank rate; Mutual Funds, Open Market Operations; Money supply
    Foreign Exchange reserves of India.
    Different kind of accounts and corresponding interest rates
    Non Banking Financial companies: Definition, Difference from bank etc.

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