How to prepare for IBPS PO?
give me some tips on preparing for IBPS PO exam in one month.
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  • “Self-Study is the best study”. You must have listened to this famous phrase often from many people. But can this phrase be justified everywhere, especially when there is a subject matter of competitive exams like Bank exams? Certainly not!
    We usually came across many coaching centers at nearly every side roads providing their intelligent knowledge to more than 15 lac students per year. “Is it possible to crack bank exam without coaching classes?” Every other person, in India, is found as a victim of the ‘tug of war’ in the competition.
    This competition race has compelled aspirants to spend thousands of money and join a number of coaching centers so as to get proper direction to achieve their respective goals like IBPS  PO
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    How To Crack IBPS PO In First Attempt
    The first thing that you need to know is theot plan your prepar IBPS PO exam pattern & Syllabus. Without having a clear knowledge of the selection procedure of IBPS PO, you cannation.
    IBPS PO has three stages as under:
    Stage 1: IBPS PO Prelims,
    Stage 2: IBPS PO Mains, and
    Stage 3: IBPS PO Personal Interview.
    Stage 1 has three sections, namely, English Language, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability. It is just qualifying in nature. Candidates who are shortlisted in the Prelims can appear for the Mains exam, which has an Objective Test and a Descriptive Test. The Objective Test has four sections, namely English Language, Data Analysis and Interpretation, Reasoning and Computer Aptitude, and General Awareness. The Descriptive Test (English Language) includes Letter Writing and Essay. Candidates who clear the IBPS PO Mains are called for Personal Interview and final selection is based on the marks secured by the candidates in Mains and PI.
    Let us now look at how to crack IBPS PO in first attempt.
    How To Crack IBPS PO In First Attempt: Know The Syllabus
    Go through the detailed IBPS PO syllabus. Know what all topics are included under each of the sections or subjects. Once you get an idea about how vast the syllabus is, planning your preparation and allocating time for each section would become easier. Also, for each section, list out the topics that you think are easy and the ones that you have never studied before or find difficult.
    How To Crack IBPS PO In First Attempt: Create A Timetable
    This is very important. Once you are thorough with the IBPS PO syllabus and have listed down the easy and difficult topics for each section, you have to create a realistic timetable that you can follow. Allocate separate time slots for each of the sections as well as for reading/learning new concepts, solving practice questions and revision. At this point, focus more on the three sections of Prelims. If possible, allocate an hour and a half daily for the extra sections of the Mains exam, like to read newspapers, improve your General Awareness and Computer Knowledge and develop your writing skills.
    Keep in mind your daily routine, needs, convenience, strengths and weaknesses while creating the timetable. Spend more time on your weak sections/topics.
    How To Crack IBPS PO In First Attempt: Take Mock Tests
    Taking IBPS PO mock tests on a regular basis will help you in multiple ways. You will get used to the pattern and level of the exam. You will identify the important topics as well as the topics where you are weak at. You will build stamina and concentration and above all, develop a smart strategy to take the exam, so that your accuracy is maximum and negative marking minimum. So, once you finish the whole syllabus, take as many IBPS PO mock tests as possible and improve on your weaknesses and overall test-taking strategy.

  • Practice exam friendly online mock tests, previous year papers and sample papers.
    Qualifying IBPS PO Prelims exam is not so tough, It required some dedicated hard work for preparation.
    Youth4work provides online mock tests, you can practice here and learn new concepts and cover your exam syllabus. You can compare here your yrank from other aspirants preparing for IBPS PO Exam.

  • Preparation tips for IBPS PO 2019: For Prelim/Main

    •         You need to finish three sections of IBPS PO Prelims within 60 minutes, which means you need speed with accuracy in order to attempt 100 questions in total. The more you practice, the better chances you have of acing this exam.
    •         Make mathematics and reasoning your strong subjects, practice questions to solve them within time to increase efficiency. You should lay emphasis not on mugging up the formulas but instead try understanding the concepts, so, you can modify the formulas according to the question requirement.
    •         Remember negative marking is a factor here. Therefore, try not to attempt questions that put you in doubt. Although, the prelim exam will be of just qualifying nature and won’t be considered for the final merit list as only Main exam marks will matter, but you still need to secure the minimum qualifying marks in the prelims as set by the Indian Bank.
    •         Manage your time properly; give appropriate amount of time to each section. Try to improve your time by practicing as many online tests as possible. Youth4work provides online mock tests will time limit attached to each question; this way one can learn to finish the entire exam within the time limit.
    •         Studying in a stretch for hours can be tedious and hard and also not so good. Therefore, try to study at several times in regular sessions during a day. This will make learning easy and fun, also you will have enough time to brush up the already studied topics in between intervals.
    •         It is very important to maintain proper health, so you don’t fall sick on the big day. Give your brain appropriate time to refresh itself. Don’t rush too much information into your head than its limit allows. Take it slow and steady. And get at least eight hours of sleep each night.
     If you need good books and study material for the preparation of IBPS PO:

    For Prelims- CLICK HERE
    For Mains- CLICK HERE

  • What should I do to improve quantitative aptitude?

  • To preparem, first thing you need is to be aware of the syllabus & exam pattern of IBPS PO 2017 exam. Get the complete detail and make a strategy or study plan to cover the syllabus on time.
    Make a list of the topics you need to do extra practice for and the topics you are confident with. Give extra attention to the weak topics.
    Prepare your short notes and revise them before the exam.
    Practice is very important to prepare for exam.
    Solve previous year papers and mock test and analyze your mistakesand improve them.
    Practive will help you to know about the type of questions asked in the exam and paper pattern.
    Solve the practice paper questions in the exam time limit
    hope it will help you.

  • buy fast track arithmetic for prelims. its the best book for arithmetic . And for English grammar , u can go for plinth to paramount by Neetu singh

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  • Purchase the best book for the bank preparation and try to solve all the practise paper and then side by side try to give the test on this website so that u can check your speed of doing a question...

IBPS PO Prelim Exam
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