what is shortcut for solving ratio and proportion
Solving ratio and proportion problems using shortcuts
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  • u want a trick for solving Ratio and Proportion method... Its so easy Friend
    u have to remmber some points always for exmple Types of Ratio:-
    Duplicate ratio: The ratio of the squares of the two numbers.
         Ex: 9 : 16 is the duplicate ratio of 3 : 4.
    2. Triplicate Ratio: The ratio of the cubes of the two numbers.
         Ex: 27 : 64 is the triplicate ratio of 3 : 4.
    3. Sub-duplicate Ratio: The ratio between the square roots of the two numbers.
          Ex: 4 : 5 is the sub-duplicate ratio of 16 : 25.
    4. Sub-triplicate Ratio: The ratio between the cube roots of the two numbers.
          Ex: 4 : 5 is the sub-triplicate ratio of 64 : 125.
    5.Inverse ratio: If the two terms in the ratio interchange their places, then the new ratio is inverse ratio of the first.
          Ex: 9 :5 is the inverse ratio of 5 : 9.
    6. Compound ratio: The ratio of the product of the first terms to that of the second terms of two or more ratios.
          Ex: The compound ratio of  3/4, 5/7, 4/5, 4/5 is 9/35

    Now As like Ratio There will be Type of Proportion also let us see them also :-
    Continued Proportion: In the proportion  8/12= 12/8  8, 12, 18 are in the continued proportion.
    Fourth proportion: If a : b = c : x, then x is called fourth proportion of a,b and  c.
    There fore fourth proportion of  a, b, c  = b x c/a
    Third proportion: If a : b = b : x, then x is called third proportion of a and b.
    Therefore third proportion of a, b =  b^2/a
    Second or mean proportion: If a : x = x : b , then x is called second or mean proportion of a and b.
    Therefore mean proportion of a and b =  root(ab)

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