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IBPS PO Prelim Exam

एक सवाल पूछो और एक नया विषय शुरू करो!

समान प्रतिभा वाले युवक/युवती इस प्रश्न का शीघ्र उत्तर देंगे।
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How to prepare for IBPS PO?

give me some tips on preparing for IBPS PO exam in one month.

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  • Testuser
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IBPS PO Prelims Cutoff and Results

Know all the information of the IBPS PO Prelims cutoff or expected cutoff and date of the result declaration of the preliminary exam.

  • Deepika Pandey
  • Deepika
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IBPS PO Application Form: Registration Process, Required Documents & Info

IBPS PO Registration period, application form filling process, required documents and personal information of the candidates.

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  • Akshay
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IBPS PO Eligibility: Nationality, Educational Qualification, Age Limit

Know all the conditions to be eligible for the IBPS PO Exam like minimum and maximum age limit, qualification, citizenship etc.

  • Sanchit Singh
  • Sanchit
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IBPS PO Admit Card: Steps to Download, Contained Info & Instructions

IBPS PO Admit card releasing date, steps to download, provided information of exam & exam day instructions. Advice for descrepancy in admit card.

  • Raj Kumar
  • Raj
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IBPS PO Exam Important Dates: Registration Period, Exam & Result Date

Know all the important dates of IBPS PO Exam like registration period, admit card releasing date, prelims and mains exam date, result and interview date etc.

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  • charu
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What will be the duration of the IBPS PO Exam?

How many questions will be asked? Is there any negative marking?

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  • Vivek
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how to crack english paper

in sbi clerk

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  • Vikash
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Please explain the eligibility criteria for IBPS PO 2018.

Is there any age criteria as well? What is the maximum age for a candidate to take IBPS PO exam?

  • Vivek Kumar Singh
  • Vivek
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What is the right method to tackle such exams so that maximum questions are answered?

Trick to solve questions

  • Divya Rana
  • Divya
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how to start preparation for IBPS

how to find details about IBPS and preparation guidance for beginner

  • Himani Valluru
  • Himani
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Please suggest a good Study plan for IBPS PO Exam.

Suggest a good Study plan for IBPS PO Exam and please share some exam cracking tips.

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  • Deepak
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tips to crack IBPS PO prelim exam

How to crack IBPS PO prelim exam?

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  • Sharad
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Can graduation final year student apply for IBPS PO?

I want to know Can graduation final year student apply for IBPS PO? Explain your answer

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What should come in place of the question mark (?) in the following questions?

?% of 280 + 18% of 550 = 143.8 (a) 11 (b) 18 (c) 21 (d) 16 (e) None of these

  • Deepshikha Rawat
  • Deepshikha
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Can anyone please give complete information regarding the IBPS PO Prelim exam?

What is IBPS PO Prelim exam all about?What is its eligibility criteria,exam pattern etc.?

  • Nisha Sharma
  • Nisha
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Is Open B.A degree Students Are Eligible For Bank PO?

Is Open B.A Degree Students Are Eligible For The course? And They Can Apply For The Exam In The Final Year?

  • RA
  • Raviteja
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Preparation details for IBPS PO Prelim exam

Preparation details for IBPS PO Prelim exam. Is there any particular pattern to be followed?

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  • Anusiya
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How should I prepare for PO exams?

I am an undergraduate student, in 2nd year of a 3 year course. I want to crack any PO exam in my 1st attempt. I want to give my best. Kindly give some tips which will help me toh g ...

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kya ye aap Hindi language me nhi h

for bank exam

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IBPS PO Prelim Exam
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IBPS PO Prelim Exam