What are the preparation tips to be followed to prepare for Indian Air Force Y Group Exam?

Please give the preparation tips for Indian Air Force Y Group Exam.

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·         Focus on your physical fitness .
·         Revise your concepts daily
·         The basics should be clear as the exam includes topics of physics, chemistry and maths from your +2.
·         This exam includes 15 questions of general affairs.so, be in touch with the current affairs and latest happenings around you.
· Practice as many mock tests as you can and analyze your performance on a regular basis.

watch our youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEEIjWBAS-Q&list=PLKQu-ix31TLKFBStmKHcfqf47eswcILty&index=2

indian air force y group exam
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indian air force y group exam