US Citizenship Test, tips, study material, sample questions

Can you suggest some tips and good study material for the US Citizenship Test?

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  • US Citizenship Test Tips/Study Material 

    The actual US Citizenship Test will be an oral test, where a candidate will be asked 10 questions in English language by the USCIS officer. A candidate is required to answer at least 6 questions correctly to pass the test. Candidates need to prepare questions considering the current changes in the elections/political advancements in US. It is imperative that candidates are aware of current happenings with correct information along with the names of the officials who are currently serving the government.

    Hence, the candidates must take as many practice online tests as possible to get to the level of passing the exam with flying colors.

    Study Materials for the Naturalization Test

    The best way to study for the Naturalization Test is to go for the study material available with the USCIS official website. The study material includes booklet: Learn About the United States, training Flash Cards for Civics Naturalization Test, Vocabulary Flash Cards for the Naturalization Test and DVDs on USCIS Naturalization Interview and Test.

    For tips/study material to prepare for US Citizenship Test: 

    For sample questions on US Citizenship Test:

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