I am week in english ,please give the tips to improve


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7 Answers
  • Try to surround yourself in the environment where you can listen to the English language the most. Listening more and more English will help you with speaking too. And to speak English, try to read English articles. Use some common phases in routine such as How are you, what do you think, it's ok, I am sorry, that sounds great, i don't understand, what do you mean, please help me and many more. I hope this will help you. Good Day.

  • Install application Vocab24. That will help you to increase you vacabulary as well as reading speed. It gives you editorial of various newspaper in one application.If you don't know meaning of any word than you just have to click on word to know it's meaning.

  • reading newspaper daily

  • Read english newspaper daily try to understand the meaning to the words which are difficult to understand. You can read dictionary too. Also reading the novels can improve your vocabulary.

  • You must have to read english newspaper daily. You should start reading books or novels which are comfortable to you.

  • your english is so weak that you dont even know the spelling of weak...work hard bro

  • Improving Verbal Ability can not happen overnight, it costs you patience, perseverance and a lot of practice. 

    You make take the following pointers into consideration while planning your strategy for verbal section:

    Set targets for your reading regime: 
    (a) daily target: reading the newspaper (at least the front page, editorial and business page)
    (b) weekly target: A good novel (fiction/non fiction)

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