HPAS exam preparation tips

What are the preparation tips of HPAS exam?

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  • The first step is to download the syllabus and keep a copy of the syllabus with you all the time. Start with NCERT Textbooks and mark the topics relevant to the HPAS syllabus and prepare notes on different sections of prelims and mains examination. Arrange them properly. This helps to track how much you know and provides a sense of completion.
    Read NCERT books for conceptual clarity and do an in-depth study of relevant topics from standard books listed below. Regular reading of newspapers and magazines helps you master over current developments in economic, political, and social issues and policy changes.
    Follow any one newspaper. I would recommend The Tribune newspaper. Read Giriraj magazine to track socio-economic, political, and development issues related to Himachal Pradesh.

    1.Reading the newspaper and listening to panel discussions help keep up with current affairs and increase one’s vocabulary.
    2.The exams contain negative marking. So it is essential to work up a smart plan so that every mistake that you commit in the exams does not decrease the possibilities of getting selected.
    3.Prepare accordingly for each section of the exam. Every sections tests the aptitude and temperament of an individual differently.
    4.Once you are done with the syllabus, start with mock tests to check up on your timing. As for me I would recommend Youth4Work’s application set for this very purpose. It goes by the name of PREPGURU.

    watch our youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESLWueYg1MU&list=PLKQu-ix31TLJiGqQc-ez_FbFFHVfq9Lrw&index=1

  • 1. choose optional and prepare it well before pre. 2. Current affairs have more weightage now so prepare accordingly from newspapera and internet. 3. Standard books on history, geography and polity need to be revised regularly. 4. Perseverance is the key to success. Dont ever give up and stay focused on exam.

  • 1. Revise two times before exam: Plan your studies carefully. Adequate time ought to be unbroken for revision. Each General Studies and power sections ought to be revised a minimum of doubly, one week before the communication.
    2. Concentrate on ecology, atmosphere, art and culture:  A large number of questions come from ecology, environment and art & culture. These areas should be prepared in detail from the best available sources.
    3. Solve mock test papers: Candidates ought to attend mock tests and solve previous year papers. This can increase the accuracy and speed considerably. It additionally helps in choosing out the foremost applicable possibility within the communication.
    4. Get your basics clear: within the modified pattern, the strain is additional on the construct clarity instead of merely assault up the info. Candidates should devote blast in understanding the fundamentals.
    5. Candidates from non-MBA and non-Engineering background ought to devote blast in getting ready for paper because it has additional weightage and becomes a game-changer for clearing preliminary spherical.
    6. Familiarity with the optional syllabus: A thorough familiarity with your optional subject will help you select the one that you are most familiar with and it will reduces your mental tension that is attached with its selection.

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