How the amcat test is evaluated ? are there any typical rules to examine online amcat test. Because I've been doing good in my college amcat test, but still I not getting selected.

How should I prepare for amcat test? Can anyone suggest there?

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  • For More Details on AMCAT, please go here: - AMCAT- Aspiring Minds' Computer Adaptive Test
    For Convenience Exam Preparation, You can download Prep Guru - Online Mock Tests on your Smartphone.

  • just go online and either search tricks on youtube videos for crack the amcat test there are kit if videos

  • Before going to start your preparation you must know the syllabus of the AMCAT exam . Then according to the syllbus set the target . Read the NCERT book thoroughly then move to the mock tests which are available on many of the sites..
    Lets break it section wise :
    Quant : For Amcat you can solve Arun sharma till LOD 1, But it would be preferable if you extend your practice to LOD 2 so that you can get good score in Elitmus exam too.
    Reasoning : Practice from Arun sharma logical reasoning and data interpretation book or you can solve RS Aggarwal . I would suggest solving arun sharma rest is your personal choice.
    Verbal: This is easiest section of all you can practice from Arun sharma or any other publications book.
    Computer Skills/Programming : For this section you can refer websites like Youth4work. Only questions of basic level are asked in this section.
    Domian Knowledge: Youth4work app/site is good for practice of this section and you can revise your concepts from your college books/material...

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