what is Walmart publicity strategies ?
explain about the promotion strategies of walmart. and is it right or not.
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  • USP of Lowest price: Walmart has been known for its unique selling proposition of offering goods at “Every day low prices” and the same prices are offered throughout the chains. Products are competitively priced and Walmart bargains aggressively with the manufacturers to pass on the benefits to the end customers. “Black Friday” is one of the famous events of Walmart offering products at throw-away prices. It is one of the most successful strategies of the company which is being copied by retail giants all across the world.
    Broad products assortments: Walmart deals in large assortments of goods and the broad SKUs (stock keeping units) not only help the company in retaining its customers but it helps them in playing over volumes for profit and for offering products at lowest price.
    Operations: Managing such a huge retail chain is not easy and cannot be done without operations management. As such, Walmart gives special attention to the way it operates so that the consumer gets his products very fast and the shelves are filled at all times. Walmart serves millions of customers each year and it has a solid supply chain and operations team to manage the same.

  • Upper hand in the Marketing methodology of Walmart- 

    USP of Lowest value: Walmart has been known for its extraordinary offering recommendation of offering products at "Consistently low costs" and similar costs are offered all through the chains. Items are intensely estimated and Walmart deals forcefully with the producers to pass on the advantages to the end clients. "The day after Thanksgiving" is one of the celebrated occasions of Walmart offering items at discard costs. It is a standout amongst the best procedures of the organization which is being replicated by retail mammoths the whole way across the world. 

    Expansive items collections: Walmart bargains in extensive varieties of merchandise and the wide SKUs (stock keeping units) not just help the organization in holding its clients however it causes them in playing over volumes for benefit and for offering items at most reduced cost.

  • Walmart is developing day by day because of their good service.Which  makes customers get attracted to it soon

  • segmentation strategy helps in understanding different sub segments of customers and their changing needs. Walmart uses psychographic and demographic segmentation strategies . it understands the psyche of the customer and knows that the consumer wants everyday goods at the lower possible prices. Hence Walmart introduced the strategy of EDLP every day low prices.

  • Walmart is developing day by day because of their low price and good service. They provide product at low rate as compared to market and deliver product to our door step. They also give cashback facility and return or refund policy. These are strategies of walmark which attract the customers very much.

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