How to prepare for Mphasis Placements? what are the tips to prepare for it?
Please mention the tips and tricks to prepare for Mphasis Placements.
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  • ·         While preparing for the written test, the candidates should focus on attending as many aptitude questions within the limited time given.
    ·         Candidates are advised to refer books such as Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Agarwal, Verbal Reasoning by R.S. Agarwal, etc. which aids them to perform well for the written test. One can easily solve this section by practicing and updating knowledge.
    ·          Practicing with previous year question papers will help the aspirants to get a fair idea regarding the test pattern.
    ·         In the interview round, the candidates’ technical knowledge is analyzed.
    ·         Apart from this, one’s communication skill, decision making proficiency and confidence level is also examined.
    ·          While answering the questions, the candidates should try to show case their interpersonal skills and leadership abilities.
    ·          One of the common questions asked is “Why do you want to join Mphasis?”  The candidates should be having a plan to answer this.
    Also have a glance at their official website and have a good idea regarding the company.

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