What is the Selection Process at L&T Infotech?

Please tell me about the Selection Process at L&T Infotech Placement

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Dear Students, Greetings from LTI !!! Firstly we would like to thank you for showing an interest in becoming an LTI Infoknight! The fact that you are reading this document, means that you are willing to put in the extra effort… well that’s already one bonus point. We are sure you are wondering, why has LTI written to you? Well… while we are sure you are preparing very hard for the recruitment process, we thought we could provide a helping hand to help channel your efforts a little better. The idea is to give you an understanding on what is expected and to suggest a few topics based on which our technical interviews are generally conducted. You could probably use this to brush up on your knowledge before you sit for the technical interview process… Expectations during the technical round: 1. Someone who has an understanding of core subjects/areas of specialization 2. Someone who is able to link and apply process knowledge into automation techniques 3. Project coordinating skills and Industrial process knowledge (related to the projects you have worked on) 4. Good and fluent communication skills 5. Knowledge on latest technologies like Cloud, IIOT, etc. will be an added advantage Topics you could brush up on: 1. Programming Concepts- C, OOPS etc. 2. Programing Languages -C/C++/JAVA/ .net/PHP/HTMLor XML (understanding of basics and programming level for at least simple programs) 3. DBMS & RDBMS Concepts- Basics of SQL 4. Data Structures- Linked list, stacks, queues etc. 5. Basics of Operating Systems- Unix/Linux/Windows, scheduling algorithms 6. Networking Concepts- LAN / MAN /WAN / OSI Layers 7. Web Concepts- Architecture of 2 tier or 3 tier Web application 8. General- Software development life cycle We understand that the above topics might seem to be a lot at this point, but please relax! We are not expecting you to know everything, only basic understanding, logic application and willingness to learn is what is being evaluated. Please note: The topics stated above are only to help you learn better. In no way should this be considered as a syllabus for an interview. While our questions will be gathered around this, you would need to be prepared to answer questions related to your project, syllabus and other areas of interest. Dear Non-CS/IT students, we request you to brush up and study the above listed topics as well. Our expectation here would be plain and simple… To have someone who is inclined towards and has knowledge of IT and IT related aspects. We hope this brief helps you in your endeavors…. Wishing you all the very best and hope this document is being read by a future LTI Infoknight..!!
Regards, Campus Team

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