What type of questions are generally asked for interview?
What kind of questions in general aptitude,logical reasoning,coding?
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  • Johnson Controls will have three rounds:
    Aptitude Test :
    Total 162 students from all the three branches have appeared for Aptitude test.
    Apti contained
    Technical mainly from Sensors and Transducers,Electrical Machines,PID controllers,
    Verabal Ability Test,Blood Relations,A nalogies (Refer Aptitude Questions and Answers )
    This time they have also added questions on General knowledge .for example: Which is the deepest point in the world?

    TR Round : 
    technical questions,Some of them are-
    Do you know Sensors?
    what type of temperature Sensors are there? Explain the principle pic thermocouple,? What is Seeback effect, Peltier effect, Thomson effect?
    List the pressure transducers? Working of C type bourdon Tube,How will topic convert displacement to emf?
    Working of LVDT.

    HR ROUND : Personal Interview 

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