What is the Selection Process at Johnson Controls?
What is the Selection Process at Johnson Controls Placement ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?
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  • Johnson Controls will have three rounds:
    Aptitude Test :
    Total 162 students from all the three branches have appeared for Aptitude test.
    Apti contained
    Technical mainly from Sensors and Transducers,Electrical Machines,PID controllers,
    Verabal Ability Test,Blood Relations,A nalogies (Refer Aptitude Questions and Answers )
    This time they have also added questions on General knowledge .for example: Which is the deepest point in the world?

    TR Round : 
    technical questions,Some of them are-
    Do you know Sensors?
    what type of temperature Sensors are there? Explain the principle pic thermocouple,? What is Seeback effect, Peltier effect, Thomson effect?
    List the pressure transducers? Working of C type bourdon Tube,How will topic convert displacement to emf?
    Working of LVDT.

    HR ROUND : Personal Interview 

    To make your exam prep effective and fruitful, go to the links below:

    •             Prepare well with Johnson Controls Prep App for smart phones: CLICK HERE
    •             Previous year questions: CLICK HERE
    •             For free Mock tests: CLICK HERE

  • There are topics which must be prepared very attentively.
    Check through the info shared here.

  • Exam Pattern
    Written Exam- There is a written exam for 60 questions for 60 minutes time duration. It tests the knowledge of quantitative aptitude, verbal language and technical knowledge.
    Technical Interview
    HR Interview
    Quantitative- Time and Work, Profit & Loss, Ages, Ratio & Proportion, Ages, HCF & LCM, Average, Probability, Permutation-Combinations.
    Aptitude and Reasoning- Algebra, Probabililty, Speed, Time,Coding, Decoding, Blood Relations, Number Series
    Technical JAVA, and other softwares.

  • It consists of 4 rounds 1 Aptitude test In the online test, you have to solve 60 questions in 60 minutes(No negative marking).Structure of test is pretty different. You can’t jump directly on 40th question, you have to solve sequentially. If you know the answer then click on the option and save it. Once you saved the answer, you can’t change the option. If you don’t know the answer or you want to solve it later then skip the question, it’ll be repeated after some questions 2 TR Round They ask technical and logical questions which require moderate level of thinking. 3Group discussion - in this round there will be a discussion among people and they will simply note the aspirants who are clear and logical 4 HR Round For this be ready to prepare any question about yourself and they will ask from Technical and logical part also and this time ,questions will be of higher thinking. Before all these there will be a threshold cutoff for sit for aptitude test.

  • Selection Process at Johnson Controls

    Company conducts recruitment process every year to select new candidates. The selection process of the company consists of 4 rounds. These rounds are as follows:
    Written Exam
    Group Discussion
    Technical Interview
    HR Interview
    Academic Criteria:                           
    For More Details on Johnson Controls, please go here: -Johnson Controls
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