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Where can I find some good books for Infosys?

Please refer to the study material or books to prepare for Infosys.

  • Vansha Jain
  • Vansha
  • 551 Visto
  • 2 Respuestas
How can I get jobs embedded in Germany it's possible or not ?

But I had stable in embedded systems field , it's possible for get jobs in embedded in highly reputed company

  • Harish S
  • Harish
  • 232 Visto
  • 0 Responder
after graduation in cs/it B.E. in which post of ISRO I can get job?

what are the possible post for IT/ computer engineer to get job in ISRO and how much salary at starting ? what should I learn from now to get placed first in ISRO.

  • PM
  • Priyanka
  • 251 Visto
  • 1 Responder
Can anyone solve this reasoning question?

Q. If in a certain language, MADRAS is coded as NBESBT, how is BOMBAY coded in that code? A. CPNCBX B. CPNCBZ C. CPOCBZ D. CQOCBZ

  • Shivangee Gupta
  • Shivangee
  • 4652 Visto
  • 717 Respuestas
How to join Infosys ???????????????????

Can anyone help me to understand how to join infosys bengaluru........................................

  • Somnath Das
  • Somnath
  • 397 Visto
  • 2 Respuestas
Where can I get Infosys placement question paper on website

Is there any website where I can download Infosys infy Tq question papers

  • SS
  • Sai
  • 811 Visto
  • 2 Respuestas
Is 59.6% in 12th Is acceptable in Infosys??

Is The Eligibility Criteria Of 12th Percentage Less Then 60%??

  • VS
  • Vibhor
  • 4367 Visto
  • 3 Respuestas
When did Narayana Murthy started Infosys?

I want to know When did Narayana Murthy started Infosys? Explain your answer

  • Riya Saini
  • Riya
  • 1106 Visto
  • 7 Respuestas
5,6,9,15,?,40 a)25 b)33 c)27 d)21

explain this

  • MA
  • Manikandasubbiah
  • 2831 Visto
  • 63 Respuestas
which programming language is asked in aptitude

in technical and coding and programming section of aptitude which programming language is asked and is dbms is also there in technical mcq and which type of question?

  • SM
  • Soniya
  • 746 Visto
  • 3 Respuestas
USA + USSR = PEACE . What is P+E+A+C+E?

How to do this type of Question?

  • LG
  • Lali
  • 1947 Visto
  • 13 Respuestas
Who is the owner of the Infosys?

I want to know Who is the owner of the Infosys? Explain your answer

  • Riya Saini
  • Riya
  • 3533 Visto
  • 4 Respuestas
Who is the CEO and MD of Infosys?

I want to know Who is the CEO and MD of Infosys? Explain your answer

  • Riya Saini
  • Riya
  • 1288 Visto
  • 6 Respuestas
is there any question papers of programming given in infosys previous test papers

if u r concentrate on verbal and aptitude only but in infosys enters test consists of programming and coding also

  • KG
  • Keerthi
  • 978 Visto
  • 1 Responder
Can anyone tell me , Cutoff Marks of Infosys Placement Test

I need cutoff marks details of each section wise such as Quant, Verbal and Reasoning sections

  • MB
  • Mandava
  • 9394 Visto
  • 3 Respuestas
Please tell me about Infosys placement papers?

Please give a brief introduction of Infosys along with the other details.

  • Arunita Choudhuri
  • Arunita
  • 1200 Visto
  • 2 Respuestas
give me infosys exam pattern questions

for campus placement

  • BB
  • Bapu
  • 1585 Visto
  • 3 Respuestas
What is the eligibility criteria for Infosys?

Please share the eligibility criteria for Infosys Company ??????

  • Anshi Sharma
  • Anshi
  • 26652 Visto
  • 8 Respuestas
how can I apply for infosys campus

and it organize

  • RP
  • Rani
  • 1217 Visto
  • 6 Respuestas
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