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What is CDMA?
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  • code dividion multiple acess, you can refer in detailed in B.Forozan

  • Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) is a sort of multiplexing that facilitates various signals to occupy a single transmission channel. It optimizes the use of available bandwidth. The technology is commonly used in ultra-high-frequency (UHF) cellular telephone systems, bands ranging between the 800-MHz and 1.9-GHz.
    Code Division Multiple Access system is very different from time and frequency multiplexing. In this system, a user has access to the whole bandwidth for the entire duration. The basic principle is that different CDMA codes are used to distinguish among the different users.

  • CDMA is an example of multiple access, where several transmitters can send information simultaneously over a single communication channel. This allows several users to share a band of frequencies (see bandwidth). To permit this without undue interference between the users, CDMA employs spread spectrum technology and a special coding scheme (where each transmitter is assigned a code).

  • CDMA is stands for Code Division Multiple Access.

  • I know the answer.

    CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) is a shorthand for the major radio systems used in cell phones. CDMA acronyms tend to group together a bunch of technologies run by the same entities.

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