EPAM Placement Process, Test Pattern, Syllabus, Previous Year Paper

The company was established in 1993, EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM). The core engineering expertise to become a leading global product development and digital platform engineering services company. Through its ‘Engineering DNA’ and innovative strategy, consulting, and design capabilities, EPAM collaborates with its clients to serve innovative solutions that turn complex business challenges into real business opportunities. EPAM’s global teams serve customers in over 25 countries across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. EPAM is an identified market leader among independent research agencies and was ranked #12 in FORBES 25 Fastest Growing Public Tech Companiesa top information technology services company on FORTUNE’S 100 Fastest-Growing Companies, and as a leading UK Digital Design & Build Agency.

The IT aspirants looking up for the right direction for the career, EPAM is the most desirable opportunity. Check out The EPAM Selection procedure, correct test pattern for a better understanding of the process. The candidates must attempt the EPAM Online Test Series for the best results in the recruitment test.

EPAM Selection Procedure  EPAM Eligibility Criteria  | 

Resalte clave
Educational Qualification:
B.Tech/B.E(CS, IT)-60%
Skills Required:
Well-versed with Programming Languages, especially JAVA
Exam Duration:
1st Round: 150 Minutes 2nd Round: 120 Minutes 3rd Round: 10 Minutes

EPAM Selection Procedure and Test Pattern:

EPAM is a known organization for its selection procedure; it doesn’t follow the usual process. Most of the organizations follow the recruitment process that is the Aptitude Test, followed by the technical round. The candidates have to clear the aptitude test to get into the technical round/coding round to test the skills.

EPAM Systems recruit the IT graduates for Junior Software Engineer through on-campus and off-campus placement. The aspirants can reach out to the organization either by submitting an online application at the official website or waiting for the on-campus placement drives.

EPAM Systems recruitment process includes five rounds; the first round is online that can be taken at home only with a webcam as the mandatory requirement. The recruitment process for Junior Software Engineer is here:

  1.  Round 1 Java Online Coding Challenge

  2. Round 2 Java Online Coding Challenge

  3. Round 3 Group Discussion

  4. Round 4 Technical Interview

  5. Round 5 HR Interview

EPAM believes that the candidate that will become the future employee must have the capabilities that the organization requires. The candidate will get recruited based on their practical knowledge, coding, conversation clarity, etc. about the core subject.

The candidates can apply online through various active online placement cells that keep updating about the latest placements.  

EPAM Exam Pattern:

The unique thing in EPAM Systems Recruitment Test is the tests in JAVA language only. The main reason behind it is the primary language studied all over the nation at graduation level. There will be around three rounds that will test the technical part. 

  • The 1st round is the Java Online Coding Challenge, where the candidates will have to solve 3 questions within the time frame of 150 minutes. As stated, the webcam is mandatory for the first round; the candidates cannot leave the seat during the recruitment test.

  • Question 1 will be for 20 marks

  • Question 2 will be for 30 marks

  • Question 3 will be for 50 marks

  • Round 2: It will have 11 Multiple-Choice Questions based on JAVA, OOPS, C++, DBMS, Networking, and Operating Systems. The questions will be for 20 marks. The candidates will find 2 Coding Questions other than 11 MCQs. The time frame for both questions will be 1 hour.

  • Round 3: After selecting candidates based on qualifying marks, the selected candidates will get an email notification. The next round is Group Discussion, where a group of 8-10 chosen candidates will be formed. The instructor will organize the whole GD, given a situation where the candidates will have a conversation for about 10 minutes.

  • Round 4: Technical Interview, the selected candidates will have a 1:1 interview session for about 30-40 minutes. Only the subject-based concepts from JAVA, OOPs Concepts, HTML Code, and DBMS are asked.

  • Round 5: After the verdict of selection, the candidates will have the HR Interview Session.

Take a glance at EPAM Exam Pattern for easy understanding:



Round’s Name

Number of Questions

Category of Questions


Time Allotted

Round 1

Java Online Coding Challenge

3 Questions

Ques 1: Easy

Ques 2: Medium

Ques 3: Medium-Hard

Ques 1: 20 Marks

Ques 2: 30 Marks

Ques 3: 50 Marks

100 Marks

150 Minutes

Round 2

Java Online Coding Challenge

11 MCQs

2 Coding Questions

MCQs: Easy/Medium/Hard

Ques 2: Easy/Medium

Ques 3: Medium/Hard

MCQs: 20 Marks

Ques 2: 30 Marks

Ques 3: 50 Marks

100 Marks

120 Minutes

Round 3

Group Discussion

1 Situation



10 Minutes

Round 4

Technical Interview

N number of questions



30-40 Minutes

Round 5

HR Interview






** The candidates selected in the first round of the Online test will be called for the further rounds of selection. 

Things to Take care while appearing for EPAM Online Recruitment Test:

  1. The webcam is essential for the online test; candidates must check the Internet connection, webcam working conditions before the examination.

  2. The candidates must ensure that they keep all the stuff ready before the exam, such as pen, paper, water bottle, and any other thing. 

  3. The candidate cannot leave the chair and go somewhere during the exam, covering the camera, mobile phones. They will give warnings, and after 2-3 warnings, the exam gets canceled.

  4. The plagiarism checker is a significant factor here, so do not even think of copying the code from any website, book, or another source.


EPAM Java Questions:
The first question that we all think before start preparing for an interview is what type of questions are asked in EPAM Hiring. EPAM is one of those organizations that did not believe in the usual pattern of hiring on the theoretical concepts of hiring. Everyone doesn't excel in every field; some are born for particular subjects. 

What coding questions are asked in the Online JavaCoding Challenge, what are possible HR questions for EPAM Hiring? The best answer will come from the experienced ones: the candidates who have appeared for the interview and share the experience. 

We get you covered with the possible questions that have been asked in the recent EPAM interviews conducted all around the nation. The IT graduates who are aspiring to make their career, EPAM is among the best ones.

EPAM Online Test Questions:

  1. In an expression, Check for the balanced parentheses.

  2. Spiral Traversal of the matrix.

  3. Coin Change

  4. Find the number of islands

  5. Find the duplicate element in the given array

  6. Implement DFS, BFS.

  7. Question on Java, data structures, and SQL. 

  8. Linked list program, binary search program

  9. Bubble sort 

  10. Reverse a single linked list  

  11. Difference between abstract factory and factory design pattern

  12. CSS Positioning  

  13. JavaScript - Concept of Closures 

  14. String manipulation

EPAM Round 4 Technical Interview Questions:

  1. You have to introduce yourself.

  2. What interests you to take up JAVA as the primary language, or just it's only because of EPAM?

  3. Describe the solutions for the questions you have solved and obtained a perfect score

  4. Differentiate between Object and Class and OOPL and Procedural Language

  5. Is Java pass by value or reference? Prove it.

  6. What is the DS you have used?

  7. Using a program, show the DS DBMS tables that you use?

  8. Is it possible to use BST or Binary Tree in DB tables?

  9. What are B+ trees or B tress and show me with the help of a program how B+ tree can be used in DB tables.

  10. Differentiate between HashMap and HashTable.

  11. Differentiate between BST and Binary Tree.

  12. What are the Red-Black Trees?

  13. How you use the stack, queue, and Linked List?

  14. Give the detailed Hashmap internal implementation.

  15. Differentiate between ArrayList and Vector

  16. What is Abstraction, Inheritance, Multiple Inheritance, and Polymorphism along with suitable examples?

EPAM HR Interview Questions:

  1. What does EPAM stand for?

  2. The different situations and how to deal with it?

  3. Tell me about the family background. 

  4. Why have you chosen EPAM?

  5. How can you assure that you are the eligible person for EPAM?

  6. What is your childhood dream to be in the future?

  7. What are your hobbies?

  8. What is your take on the Global Economic Situation?

  9. Where do you see yourself in the coming five years?

  10. What are your strengths and weaknesses at the time of crisis?

  11. Have you ever come across any situation where you have felt that you will not overcome it? How did you manage it?

EPAM Placement Tips and Tricks:

With people applying for EPAM is in thousands as it is India's top product development and digital platform engineering services company, it has become tough to crack it as there are limited seats. All you need to do is follow these tricks and tips to succeed and get your dream job, which is EPAM.

  • EPAM Hiring Process is simple, five rounds to test the candidate's capability, the aspirant must undertake the EPAM Online Mock Tests to ensure the preparations are up to the mark.

  • The candidates who have earlier given the interview take the notes from their experiences. Solve Previous Years' Question Papers to know what to expect, and it will test your knowledge, speed as well as accuracy.

  • The aspirant must have a working webcam and a stable internet connection. The candidate must be well-versed with English pronunciation and grammar.

  • There is no negative marking, so answer the questions as you want.

  • The entire recruitment exam is based on JAVA, DBMS, OOPS, SQL, so it's an essential requirement to know Programming Languages.

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