now Capgemini offered a tech challenge what are the topics that will be covered in exam for embedded systems and tech aptitude can you tell me?
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  • Capgemini Tech Aptitude Hackathon all about?
    A technical understanding test, otherwise known as a Technical Test Battery, evaluates candidates' skills for technically oriented job positions such as skilled and non-skilled technicians, mechanics, machine operators and more. A vast number of employers use these tests to sift out candidates in their recruitment campaigns, among which are natural gas and electric utilities, ports, heavy machinery, transportation and more. Additionally, employers use these tests in order to gather important information about the numerical, visual, mechanical and/or spatial skills candidates possess.

    Technical Tests Content:
    Technical test batteries usually contain four main areas of aptitude:

    Verbal – Verbal tests include vocabulary checking, reading speed, information processing and basic verbal reasoning questions.
    Mechanical – Mechanical comprehension is measured through the introduction of concepts and scenarios from the real world that require making inferences and minimal calculations.
    Numerical – Numerical skills are measured in two ways: basic numeracy and numerical reasoning. In most cases, for both test types the use of a calculator is not allowed.
    Visual – Spatial awareness, tracking abilities, and visual estimations are measured. There are great chances that additional skills will also be evaluated, such as technical understanding, process monitoring, fault diagnosis, inductive and diagrammatic reasoning.
    Tie Break Logic
    The user with highest marks (sum of both levels) will be ranked higher.
    Point 1 being equal, the user who has taken lesser time to answer the MCQsof level 3 will be ranked higher.
    Point 2 being equal, the user who has taken lesser time to answer the MCQsof level 2 will be ranked higher.
    Point 3 being equal, the user who has taken lesser time to answer the MCQsof level 1 will be ranked higher.
    Everything being equal, the referral scores of the candidates will be used to sort out the tie break.
    In case this too is equal, the user who participated in the contest at the earlier date will be ranked higher.

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