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Examen online de práctica para Quantitative Ability Birla Soft

Problems based on Speed and Distance will be asked in this section of the BirlaSoft Mock Test Series. Solve each question before the time slot runs out. It will help you in building up speed while solving the actual recruitment examination.

The geometry needs both a mathematical approach and creativity in order to solve efficiently. The solution of each question should be saved in your memory so you get used to the test habit.

Try a few challenging questions based on Average and learn which areas you need to really put extra pressure on. Average questions are usually blended with DI Questions in BirlaSoft Recruitment Examination.

Calculate the exact solution in this section dedicated to creative questions from the world of Time and Work under the Quantitative Aptitude Section of the BirlaSoft Recruitment Examination. Prepare by trying each mock test paper to strengthen the overall score.

Try to find a pattern through these questions based on Ratio and Proportion in the Quant Section of the BirlaSoft Placement Examination. Do not try to find a shortcut as it might lead to a wrong answer, especially in this section.

Quantitative Aptitude Section for Percentages contains a large number of questions of both medium and hard difficulty levels for candidates to work upon. Attempt these questions and see how well you are able to perform in a constraint environment.