Need technical round questions for Accenture.
technical round questions
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  • Hi, I am sharing IT division’s questions with you. These questions are just for practice and reference. You will get an idea about this round by reading these questions.
    ·         What is difference between call by value and call by reference for functions?
    ·         Write a program in C++ for Fibonacci series.
    ·         Define encapsulation in C++.Explain “Abstraction and encapsulation are complementary concepts”.
    ·         Tell us about the projects you undertook in your summers.
    ·         Explain at least 3 basic concepts/ features of OOPS.
    ·         What are recursive functions? Give there examples.
    ·         What can you tell us about the latest android version M and how is it different from others?
    ·         What is the significance of semaphores? What are the different types of Semaphores?
    One more thing, they can ask anything from your syllabus or out of the syllabus. It is totally depends upon their choice and your luck also. If you get good interviewer than he may ask you simple questions otherwise it is the most difficult rounds in whole Accenture recruitment process. 

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