How to distinguish between phenol and cyclohexanol

Two tests

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5 Respuestas
  • aq.. Br water

  • phenol reacts with fecl3 gives purple colour whereas cyclohexanol does not give

  • bromine water test.... only phenol reacts with bromine and give a wht. ppt. of tri bromo phenol....but the cyclohexanol doesn't

  • bromine water test for unsaturation.

  • Well the only difference between the two structurally is that cyclohexanol is a cycloalkane and phenol is a cycloaklene so I think that you would be able to separate them by distillation. They would be separated by exploiting their boiling points, the lower distilling first. I think you could use fractional distillation (better for substances with smaller boiling point ranges) too but I don't know much about fractional.

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