average student qualify upsc exam or not

kya ek average student upsc k exm qualify kr skta ha

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17 Respuestas
  • nhi aapko god gifted hona chahiye

  • nhi aapko god gifted hona chahiye

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  • Yes, with the right approach and dedication a mediocre student can definetely crack the upsc exam. There are so many average students who have cleared the exam. So, if you are a  mediocre student who wants to clear upsc, all you need is focus, determination, right strategy and right approach. 

  • yes why not if the student study hardly and continues for examination . then he can clear the upsc exam

  • Yaa... Just give your best. If you tried hard then u can surely crack it.

  • Definitely, any aspirant could qualify this exam. It just needs that fire in you to achieve this. It doesn't matter what is your academic background if you want to do this just follow the correct strategy, best time management, and should take test series seriously. Analyse your mistakes in the test series and try not to repeat that mistakes in the next test.
    Work smart with passion. Have confidence in yourself. 
    Cut yourself from the social media and do your dedicated preparation. Do not listen to anyone that you cant do it. it's only you who can push yourself to this.

  • It depends. If a person puts all the dedication and interest in it then there is a chance to qualify. If a person possess true interest and does hardwork then there is a good chance for them to qualify. Another point for an average student to keep in mind is that "why he/she has lost marks in previous exams?". If the answer is known then they know where they should put more effort.

  • On the basis of marks obtained in school exams, students are considered to be weak and average. I am 100% sure that an average student can easily qualify UPSC exam. But it needs hard work, persistence, determination, consistency, and preparation. It’s the key to success for average students.

  • Hey Yo! I hope you're doing well. When we come across to UPSC there would be neither Average nor Extraordinary. Whoever commits steadily to crack it. Can be by all means.

  • Y not.......of course ....if he/she really works hard during its preparation

  • Definitely. Be confident.

  • Yes offcose

  • obviously

  • Yes off course an average student can qualify Actually can't only qualify can top also if he or she is aiming strongly to do by gaining overall knowledge n doing conceptual stdy...

  • what do you mean by average student? i will assume either an average student does not have a good academic background that means average result in exams and that means 2 thing that either he/she is not mentally good enough to score better or just didn't worked hard to get those no...if he/she didn't? worked hard then there are chances of him/her clearing UPSC CSE by working hard/smart..iam also preparing for CSE and i failed in 12 standard..

  • sure average student can qualify the upsc exam depend on his prepration

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