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kvs prt exam previous year question paper PDF please given me.

kvs prt paper

  • Priyanka Talaskar
  • Priyanka
  • 3376 Visto
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What are the tips and tricks to crack the PRT examination held by Kendriya Vidyalaya?

  • Muskaan Gupta
  • Muskaan
  • 3323 Visto
  • 3 Respuestas
What is the syllabus and exam pattern for KVS Primary Teacher

Kindly tell me the exam pattern and syllabus in detail for KVS Primary Teacher

  • Riya Saini
  • Riya
  • 946 Visto
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Primary school teachers interview questions and answers?

Primary school teachers interview questions and answers?Kinds of questions -Interview questions for PRT

  • Anusiya Devi S D
  • Anusiya
  • 1078 Visto
  • 2 Respuestas
It shows Question limit reached when i try to attempt the JSAT questions.

I have upgraded my account but it still says i cant attempt any more questions. I need to practice for JSAT. Please help

  • Karanveer Bhatt
  • Karanveer
  • 194 Visto
  • 0 Responder
Hindi Me Available Nahi He Kya

Test Series Hindi Me Chahiye Kyoki Me Hindi Medium Se Hu Or Preparations Ka Material Bhi Mil Sakta He Kya Kvs 2019ke Liye

  • Aarti Sharma
  • Aarti
  • 190 Visto
  • 1 Responder
can anyone provide me current affairs for kvs prt .

kvs prt

  • Jyoti Sehrawat
  • Jyoti
  • 1170 Visto
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what is the meaning of all these rules in commas punctuation?

Sir can you please clarify my doubt of these rules 1. When the vocative is stressed we have to use exclamation mark For eg: Fool! By thee my plan's spoiled ( Over here, which on ...

  • Karnika Gupta
  • Karnika
  • 203 Visto
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what is meaning of subject concern pls elaborate syllabus

what comes under subject concern pls guide me.

  • Yogeshwar Sahu
  • Yogeshwar
  • 1835 Visto
  • 2 Respuestas
how to prepare kvs prt exam?

kvs prt exam

  • Priyanka Talaskar
  • Priyanka
  • 1437 Visto
  • 1 Responder
what is the scope after qualifying ctet?

please reply

  • Kirti Seth
  • Kirti
  • 398 Visto
  • 1 Responder
now i am studying 2nd year b ed can i write the pgt exam

  • Babynandhini R
  • Babynandhini
  • 355 Visto
  • 1 Responder
I submit form wrong there is chances of rejected form

kvs prt

  • Savita Rankhambe
  • Savita
  • 284 Visto
  • 1 Responder
how cut off marks are calculated in prt ?

please explain this ratio "85:15"...................................????

  • Deep Rm
  • Deep
  • 1478 Visto
  • 1 Responder
which books I am study the prt .

plz reply

  • Govind Singh
  • Govind
  • 331 Visto
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