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How many questions do they ask in the actual American Civics Test/US citizenship test? Is the exam written/online or oral? What should I expect as the pattern of the test??

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  • Pattern of The American Civics Test

    The test is known to be in English language and the passing criteria is to score 60% marks or above. This test is mandatory for all high school students in America to pass before their graduation. There is a total of 100 questions in The American Civics Test. Each high school student has to answer all the 100 questions regarding topics like U.S. history, constitution and government to complete high school graduation. Whereas a candidate who is seeking naturalization (citizenship) in the United States will be asked only 10 questions randomly selected from the 100 questions. The candidate will have to get at least 6 questions right to pass the exam.

    ·         Mode of Test is verbal/oral
    ·         Total questions: 10
    ·         Negative marking: No
    ·         Passing criteria: securing 60% or above
    ·         Duration: not specified.

    The real American Civics Test will not be an online test with multiple choices but an oral exam. An USCIS office will ask the candidate ten randomly selected questions from the list of 100 questions in English. A candidate is required to answer at least 6 questions correctly to pass the test. This test will also be regarded as the speaking test as the candidate will have to answer the questions verbally.

    For topics to study and scoring guidelines in US Citizenship Test: Click HERE

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